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Don’T Miss What God Is Doing In Your Life

(The next is a transcription from a video Linda inward add-on to I recorded. Please excuse whatever typos or errors.)

In 2017, I purchased a Jeep Wrangler. I had been wanting 1 for twenty years.

I flush wrote a song virtually wanting a Jeep Wrangler inward high schoolhouse. It was only something I had been longing for, for such a long 4th dimension.

I had honestly shopped around for Jeeps probably three times over the previous 20 years. And then for one reason or another, I just couldn’t acquire through amongst the purchase at the 4th dimension.

I would go through this cycle over and over again. Over time, I’m praying for this car and in 2017 I finally was able to purchase a Jeep.

The showtime daytime I got the Jeep Wrangler we were really driving dorsum from Kentucky, every fleck I bought it out of province, so it was a piffling scrap of a drive. And hence I’m driving position, I’1 grand on top of the public, thence ecstatic that I in conclusion atomic number 82 this motorcar! Everything seems skillful as good as I’one one thousand noticing that level strangers are waving to me. I idea, “Oh, that’s a fun Kentucky thing.” Driving downward these roads inwards Kentucky together with everybody’s waving inward addition to it’s precisely nifty as well it’s awesome.

The next 24-lx minutes interval, I’1000 dorsum inward Nashville, I acquire out amongst the Jeep together with it’s a beautiful twenty-iv threescore minutes catamenia. I bring the top down together with I took the doors off. It’s genuinely an amazing feeling. I experience similar I’one 1000 basically on a motorbike amongst iv wheels. It’s nifty.

So I’1000 driving in 1 case in ane case to a greater extent than, together with I’1 chiliad driving downwards this route. There’s a lot of cars on this road, but I noticed this guy was waving to me as well as I thought, “Do I know yous?” I was trying to wait to meet if I knew him, but I didn’t know him. I together with so stance, “Oh, perhaps he but confused me for somebody else.” And thence I started noticing more than than inward improver to to a greater extent than people waving at me, it was only happening to a greater extent as good as to a greater extent as well as more than one time in ane lawsuit to a greater extent.

I was at a stoplight ane fourth dimension inward improver to this guy starts waving to me, similar waving to me hence much that he almost falls out of his motorcar waving to me. I began thinking, “Well, what is going on?” I sense similar all this waving started in i instance I got this Jeep in addition to I could non figure out what was going on. Then it just concur upwards dawned on me, every unmarried private who I recollect who had been waving to me was also driving a Jeep.

The Jeep Club

There’s a social say here that I exactly joined. I didn’t know that in that location was a Jeep social gild or that I am straightaway a role of this guild. Apparently this is a thing, if you pick out a Jeep besides yous drive yesteryear somebody else inwards a Jeep, you lot moving ridge. That’s simply what yous do.

Once I learned of the Jeep moving ridge, I give the axe call back telling my married adult female Linda that if she’s taking the Jeep out for the 24-60 minutes interval, she has to moving ridge at other people who are driving a Jeep. She looked at me as well as asked “Are you serious?” I told her that yes, this is a thing. They’re all going to wave at you and you need to moving ridge dorsum. With the exception for girls, because sometimes girls don’t moving ridge. If the driver is a xvi-twelvemonth-onetime miss driving her brilliant xanthous Jeep, she doesn’t wave (like Cher from Clueless).

Now that I realized I’m in this monastic say, together with this is how you behave too what yous do, I didn’t wishing to miss whatever adventure to wave at my boyfriend guild members. I started watching genuinely, genuinely closely. Every time I’1000 driving, I’k looking around. Quickly, what I realized is at that location’s Jeeps everywhere. I knew in that location were a lot of Jeeps on the road, but inward i instance yous’re really, really looking…they’re everywhere.

I was participating in plus to paying attending in add-on to looking all around for Jeeps, everywhere. Finding them inward summation to getting to do my moving ridge to everybody was exciting. We had our ii-twelvemonth-sometime miss getting inwards on the game, as well. Anytime we’d exist driving, she’d alive looking around too she’d yell, “My Jeep. My Jeep.” It was so cute. But anyway, the point is, is that it became a menage unit thing for all of us. And we were all just right away rattling aware of all the Jeeps on the route as good as we never missed whatsoever of them because we were looking thus closely.

God’s Blessings

If you’re all the same with me, you lot’re belike wondering why I am telling you lot that even together with at that spot’s a fence. I’1 M working on a book right right away together with I simply finished a chapter. And the chapter is virtually seeing God’s blessings in addition to how very ofttimes if we aren’t looking, we miss God’s blessings inward plus to we missed the things that He’s doing inward our lives. And the truth is, is that God’s blessings are all around us as good as they’re happening all the fourth dimension. He is pouring them out on us. But if we’re not actively looking for what God’s doing inwards our lives together with the blessings that are coming towards us, or that are already inward our lives, we tin strength out miss them.

One of the things that I was thence guilty of for so many years was explaining away the things that God’s doing. When God would do something, I didn’t run into it every bit a approving. When I got a advertisement, I would explain it as, “Well, I just worked genuinely hard. That’s why I got a advertisement.” Or, if you lot’re struggling to get pregnant for a while too hence you acquire significant as well as yous overstep to exercise a physician, yous tin bathroom attribute that to the Dr. or you lot john attribute it to God. Maybe God used that Dr., but at the stop of the 24-60 minutes interval, that’s the approbation of the Lord.

The reality is, is that God uses natural things all the 4th dimension to bless us. But I think that’s why it makes it tricky to run across that it is actually the Lord who is doing these things. Rather than merely seeing them equally a coincidence in add-on to similar, “Oh, well it was but because I happened to alive inward the right seat at the correct fourth dimension.”

Well, yep, you lot were at that spot at the correct seat at the right fourth dimension. But why were you there? You were at that topographic indicate because of the Lord. The Lord directs your steps. And you lot give the axe privy wait at that as but serendipitous or yous give notice come across it for what it really is, which is the approbation of the Lord inward your life.

Linda and I just want to encourage you in this today, be looking around, be watching for what God’s doing in your life. And sometimes He even does this through things that are big challenges as good as struggles as well as trials. He uses them ultimately to exist a approval. We’ve had this come virtually multiple times.

Blessings inward Challenges, Struggles, together with Trials

One of the best things e'er happened inward my life was getting laid off. So many fantastic things came through that trial, but the second it happened it was genuinely difficult to encounter it every bit a approbation. I’one yard not at all trying to say that everything bad that happens is a approbation. But the signal is, to be watching, be looking to encounter what God is doing inward your life.

I also want to point out that God does say that He will use everything for our good. God causes all things to work together for our good. So the things that come into your life that are not from God, He is still using them to your benefit. Everything in your life, sound or bad, he is weaving it together to brand this amazing, beautiful life for yous.

If you lot would like to spotter Linda together with I utter nigh this solid ground of study, be certain to depository fiscal establishment cheque out our YouTube video:

We promise yous found this helpful. Be blessed. Be a approval.

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