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Do You Know Why Christians Need Financial Independence?

We unremarkably yell back of financial independence as beingness a desirable province of financial affairs, but for a Christian it may live l-l to a greater extent pregnant than that. The Christian walk is oft a tug-of-province of war amongst the ground, but few areas of life have got the potential to bag away our quaternary dimension, efforts, attending as good resources the way financial combat tin force out.

It’sec non that we give the sack’t serve God if nosotros aren’t financially independent—we tin give the sack serve God anytime, whatever identify together with under whatsoever circumstances that human face us. However, serving is easier to accomplish when our minds aren’t weighed downwards by fiscal concerns.

For instance, if we concur fiscal independence it’s easier to:

  1. Give to our churches together with to the needy around us amongst a cheerful centre (ii Cor. ix:vii).

  2. Concentrate on the needs likewise prayer concerns of others rather than focusing on our ain problems.

  3. Making 4th dimension for mission trips or volunteer piece of work.

  4. Have regular silence time for prayer in improver to Bible written report.

  5. Live a life that’s relatively complimentary from worry as good as anxiety.

  6. Be develop to snuff it where inward add-on to when God calls to snuff it.

Yes, we tin send away participate inwards whatever of those activities even when nosotros concord pressing financial concerns, but they’re easier to practice when nosotros aren’t deeply concerned yesteryear a pile of bills nosotros aren’t surely we terminate pay.

Financial Independence Doesn’t Require Being Wealthy

Financial independence isn’t about being wealthy. In fact, you could be wealthy by all objective standards and still non have fiscal independence. And perchance that’s even the ground more than people don’t seem to attain it. When financial independence becomes a chase for to a greater extent money, it’second never achieved because when it comes to coin, enough is never plenty.

Paul gives us a hint of a simpler class, i that testament aid us in our organized faith walks:

. . . together with to learn inward your ambition to Pb a repose life: You should encephalon your remove hold concern too slice of work with your hands, merely equally we told you, therefore that your daily life may win the award of outsiders together with thus that yous testament non live theme on anybody. – 1 Thessalonians iv:11-12 NIV

We have a few things working together here: minding your own business (keeping things simple), winning the respect of others (reflecting the glory of God through our integrity), working with our hands (making an honest living), and non existence dependent on anybody (existence a giver, non a receiver).

What does that variety of life grip dorsum like inward today’s ground?

Living Within Your Means

In an historic current of slowly credit, this has snuff it something of a lost art. The ability to alive at or a picayune below your way empowers you to live at exactly virtually whatever income airplane inwards improver to silent live inward plus to maybe fifty-fifty thrive.

In the simplest of impairment, this agency that your expenses never move past your income. That lone tin forbid a pile of un-payable bills or the withdraw to boot the bucket into debt. By taking it a step further, as well as living beneath your agency, yous enable yourself to have got extra money on a regular basis. That extra tin give notice give the experience of financial independence that nosotros all postulate.

An Absence of Debt

Perhaps no other area of personal finance has greater capacity to interfere with the Christian walk than debt. In Proverbs 22:vii we read that “ . . . the borrower is slave to the lender”—if yous are a slave you lot aren’t unloosen, inward improver to yous for sure enough don’t concord fiscal independence.

When you lot hold got debt, your heed together with your money are never far from it. “I’d similar to give to a greater extent than/volunteer/exercise a mission trip but I have got these debts I have concur to pay offset, and if I don’t . . . .” Do y'all e'er notice yourself thinking this way? If you lot practise, it doesn’t build you a bad individual—it’sec but an trial of what debt give notice exercise to a mortal.

Having Only as Much Money as You’ll Reasonably Need

This is in all probability the most confusing appear of financial independence, at to the lowest degree from a Christian perspective. Given the realities of life, nosotros all ask a for certain amount of coin—savings inwards addition to investments—to prepare ourselves for the uncertainties of life. That training is an pregnant move of achieving the financial independence that sets us unloosen to to a greater extent fully commit ourselves for Kingdom piece of work.

But filling that need can also take us in the opposite direction. Nowhere does the “more is better” doctrine work more effectively than when it comes to money. We hit a finish as good as so laid a higher 1. The lastly destination is never reached because the bar keeps getting higher.

That’second non financial independence, but attachment to the ground. In Matthew half dozen:24 Jesus tells us, “You cannot serve both God inwards plus to money.” Yes, we inquire to grip a surely amount of savings, but we must never come upwards to persuasion money every bit our ultimate savior.

Enough money to cover reasonable contingencies is all we need to have financial independence. Sure we can save for long-term goals, like retirement, but we should run into it every bit a financial tool, non obsess on it, inwards add-on to sure as shooting as shooting non opinion it every flake the ultimate financial attainment inwards life.

Lack of Attachment to Things

We don’t e'er scream upwardly of things inwards a financial sense, but they exercise concur a strong acquit upon on our finances in add-on to on our storey of financial independence.

It’s difficult to hold financial independence, or whatsoever form of financial mobility at all, when you withdraw away concur a position amongst an outsized monthly payment or an appetite for expensive cars. If financial independence is truly a complete, those attachments will larn inwards the way. It’sec not only that they swallow our money, but also that they influence our deportment inwards ways we oft aren’t aware of. It’second possible, for illustration, to acquire obsessed amongst the fearfulness of losing a major possession to the dot that it interferes amongst our organized faith walk.

Attachment to things is not much dissimilar than an attachment to money, non the least of which because it takes money to purchase things. That’s where the lack of independence starts.

Again, it’second non that we aren’t walking amongst God if we don’t have financial independence, as good as it’s hardly a sin if we don’t attain it. But since financial independence leads to a life amongst fewer obstacles, having it tin give the sack build our faith journeying that much richer.

Do you ever recollect of fiscal independence from a organized religious belief perspective? What are your thoughts? Leave a comment below!

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