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Christian Goal Setting

Should Christians Set Goals?

Should a Christian Set Goals?

There seems to be a struggle for Christians in figuring out the appropriate balance between trusting God equally well as waiting on Him together with actively doing our office. Trusting inward our ain abilities to achieve God’s piece of work is the 1 extreme piece non taking activeness when we should is the other extreme.

I struggle with this issue from time to time and was helped by an article that I constitute lately.


No plans together with no goals

The author starts yesteryear pointing out three faulty assumptions of those who made no plans equally well every bit set no goals:

    1. They intend their feelings are an infallible guide for sensing the leading of the Spirit. But l-l Jesus did non learn this attitude, for when he prayed inward the garden, “If it is possible, allow this loving cup spill out from me” (Matt 26:39), he was clearly indicating (among other things) that emotionally he would prefer non to human face upwardly the cross.

    2. They believe that the Holy Spirit leads people only inwards a spontaneous agency. That is, he does non displace them to brand plans. But Paul made plans (run across, for lawsuit, Acts fifteen:36; Rom 1:xiii), the apostles made plans (Acts half-dozen:1-3), together with even out Jesus himself made plans (Matt 10:v-xv; xvi:21; 26:17-nineteen). Surely we cannot claim that these men were non Spirit-led in their planning.

    3. They subconsciously turn down the thought that they tin hear the Spirit’s vocalization through the Scriptures. But by abandoning the Word of God every flake their normative guide, they are assuming that the Holy Spirit unremarkably circumvents the Word when he speaks to men. This is hardly the see of the Spirit-led men of the yesteryear times (meet, for example, Ps 119:nine-xvi; Matt 4:4; v:17; ii Tim 3:15-17).

Personally, I strongly concur with point #3. I received some goodness teaching that anything that the Holy Spirit is leading us to do should non disagree with the Bible. At the same fourth dimension, the Bible is God’s news equally good as then tin handgrip up taken every chip didactics from God.

Holding likewise tightly to plans equally good every bit goals

The contrary extreme is to exist thus engrossed inwards our plans every bit well every bit what nosotros are doing that we ignore when God is giving us administration. It give the sack hold out really similar shooting fish inward a barrel to allow pride brand it the way yesteryear continuing to do what we shouldn’t but to salvage human face upwardly. The article mentions how Paul made adjustments to his plans on multiple occasions on his missionary journeys (Acts 16:6-vii).

“Herein is balance: although Paul planned, he was sensitive to the Lord altering his plans.”

James 4:13-15

xiiiCome now, you who say, “Today or tomorrow we will go to such and such a city, and spend a year there and engage inwards concern besides ready a meshwork income.”

xivYet you lot lot do non know what your life volition suffer similar tomorrow. You are but a vapor that appears for a niggling patch every bit well every bit every bit well equally so vanishes away.

xvInstead, yous lot ought to say, “If the Lord wills, we testament alive equally well as also do this or that.”

The article points out how James brings the healthy rest to the number:

In James 4, the author specifically addresses the ane who sets his goals inward concrete: “Come right away, y'all who say, ‘Today or tomorrow, we shall decease to such together with such a urban centre, and happen a solar twelvemonth inwards that location in plus to engage inward occupation organisation scheme besides brand a earnings.’ Yet you do non know what your life testament move like tomorrow. You are only a vapor that appears for a piffling slice together with in improver to then vanishes away” (vv. 13-xiv).

James calls such rigidity arrogance ( v. sixteen). But he does not say that nosotros should not set goals. Rather, we should brand plans, but submit them to the Lord: “Instead, yous ought to to say, ‘If the Lord wills, nosotros shall hold upward equally good also do this or that'” (v. 15).

In reality, James iv:xv balances out both extremes. We should use our minds and set goals, but we must do so in humility, recognizing that God lonely controls our destiny.

I tend to lean a flake to the side of planning together with relying on them likewise much. But God is slowly getting it through my thick skull that He is capable of a lot to a greater extent than I am. Seeing the fruit of the times when I succeeded inward letting Him be God over a tell of affairs, it is then true.

What most yous? Are y'all lot a complete setter together with a planner?

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