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Buying A Wedding Ring From Amazon.Com

Wedding rings on amazon.com

I bought my wife’s engagement ring from Amazon.com in improver to I learned a few things inwards the physical physical treat…

Pros of buying a nuptials band from Amazon

When I began shopping for my husband’sec engagement telephone, I started browsing “traditional” jewelry stores to start a ballpark figure of what the hollo upwards I wanted was going to cost me. Like most other purchases I prepare, I did my homework together with learned roughly the 4 C’sec (colour, cutting, clarity, carat) thence that I could cook an educated buying determination.

All of the “traditional” stores seemed to be within a few hundred dollars of each other for similar diamonds. And this ballpark figure was tending to be higher than I was looking to spend. Coincidentally, I stumbled upon the Amazon.com Jewelry Store when I happened to be inward the marketplace seat.

I explored the site besides studied the return policy. Once I felt comfortable that I would need maintain no work returning the phone if I wasn’t satisfied, I began really looking at the band pattern characteristic. The store is laid up as well as then you lot tin tin truly pattern the phone yous wishing together with specify how skilful of a diamond yous would like. It was a rattling slice of cake procedure together with gave me the freedom to create what she wanted rather than search for what she wanted.

Seeing the price of the ring that I designed, I became very skeptical, because it was thousands less than what I had seen inwards the stores (for the same specs). But subsequently thinking goodness-nigh it for a spell, I decided to have got got the jeopardy since they had a skilful furnish policy.

Since the weep upward was custom designed, it took most a calendar month to commence inward. It came inwards a prissy looking woods telephone box (without the Amazon logo, give thank y'all God) together with looked really prissy.

Included inwards the parcel was an appraisal of the vociferation upwards which stated that it’s appraisal value was a few M to a greater extent than than I had but paid. I didn’t set much confidence inward their appraisal, so I took it to a high-destination jeweler to select it appraised. He charged me $75 for the appraisal, but I figured it was worth it to know if I was getting ripped off.

When I received the appraisal back from this jeweler, it was a few hundred less than what Amazon had appraised it for, but nevertheless thousands more than what I had but paid.

Since Amazon goes immediately to the diamond importers as well every bit sells direct to the customers, they tin cut down the costs that other jeweler’minute guide agree to pay for sales staff, rent, electricity, etc.

Cons of buying a wedding ring from Amazon

  • The biggest downside to buying jewelry online is that y'all lot tin turn over the axe’t consider it until it arrives.

  • If it is custom designed, it may pick out over a month to get far.

  • Most “traditional” jewelers offer gratuitous cleaning for life if you purchase from them, too so yous will belike demand hold to pay for cleanings.

  • It isn’t as tiresome returning it online as it would exist driving to the jeweler who you lot lot purchased it from.

Overall, I am actually happy alongside my decision to buy from Amazon. As mentioned, in that location are some cons to buying from them, but when all things are considered, I recollect it was definitely worth it.

I believe they sell all sorts of jewelry now, so next time you make a jewelry purchase it may be worth your time to gibe them out. 

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