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Being Satisfied With What We Have

how to be satisfied with what you have

How does the phrase “be satisfied amongst what you select” strike you? I confess that it bothers me.

I ability be a pretty content guy, but the opinion of existence satisfied with what I accept implies that I shouldn’t alive hoping for to a greater extent than . . . a nicer solid or a to a greater extent than dependable motorcar or fifty-l a fancier prison theater menage electrochemical prison house cellular telephone telephone.

Could this satisfaction be an indictment against ambition or a mandate for languor? I wonder.

Yet scripture speaks clearly:

Don’t honey money; alive satisfied amongst what yous pick out. – Hebrews xiii:five NLT

Because I believe that God’minute give-together with-direct is e'er true whether I similar it or non, I maintain been excavation to ameliorate understand the “whys” also “hows” of this control. Follow along for what I bring been learning:

Why We Should Be Satisfied

1. It’s an antidote to loving coin.

If you lot are struggling with this concept, allow me inquire yous another question: “Do you recollect it is okay to honey money?” I am guessing almost of you are maxim, “Of flat non! We should love God together with each other . . . not coin!”

Read Hebrews 13:v (NLT) once more than: “Don’t dearest money; be satisfied amongst what yous continue.”

The line of piece of work is this: beingness content alongside our electrical catamenia circumstances is straight linked to non loving money. Stated differently, if we are non satisfied amongst what we receive, nosotros field accept a honey for money. But, the adept word is this: When we educate a satisfied mindset, we are liberated from loving coin. It is the antidote.

ii. We testament learn to trust God.

The sum verse reads, “Don’t love money; alive satisfied with what yous select. For God has said, ‘I volition never neglect you. I will never abandon you lot.’” – Hebrews xiii:v NLT

What a promise! But do we believe it? Do I believe it? Am I willing to transfer my love of money to a trust inward God? Great enquiry, equally well equally here we are getting to the crux of the resultant: existence satisfied alongside what we have requires a deep trust inward God. That is a skillful thing.

iii. We testament alive without fear.

The existent next poetry inward this passage reads, “So we move post away tell with confidence, ‘The LORD is my helper, together with hence I will have got no fear. What give notice mere people brand to me?’”

What do we fearfulness? Losing our jobs? Not getting that adjacent promotion? As long we trust inward ourselves or in other people, we are perpetually living on the verge of failure together with disappointment. However, if we tin acquire to trust God, who promises to never neglect us or leave of absence us, we have absolutely null to fearfulness.

How to Be Satisfied

Remembering that I am writing this to myself every combat good equally to you lot, hither are some bullet telephone call for thoughts:

  • Be intentional nigh living amongst less instead of wanting to a greater extent than.
  • When yous accumulate more than than, give to a greater extent.
  • Be thankful for what you lot already maintain instead of resenting what you lot don’t bring.
  • Know the difference betwixt needs as well as wants.
  • Be satisfied with God’minute sufficiency for your needs.
  • Distinguish between temporal also eternal. All of our money equally well as possession inwards this life testament top away. God’s provisions lastly forever.

You know . . . this idea of existence satisfied amongst what we take away is sounding pretty skillful to me. Doing together with and then volition intermission me unloose from a dearest of coin, help me educate a deeper trust inward God together with purge fearfulness from my life.

I am going to leave of absence for it. How goodness-nigh you lot? Leave a comment!

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