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Being Owed Money Striving To Pass The Test

being owed money and striving to pass the test

I one time heard individual guild, “challenges are but wonderfully disguised opportunities for increase.” I actually do believe it to be truthful. Just similar a strong physical body requires exercises that pull it beyond what is comfortable, thence a potent graphic symbol requires challenges that aren’t comfortable. My newest challenge is that an advertiser owes me a lot of coin.

The offset fourth dimension individual owed me money

I remember as a teen selling my guitar to an acquaintance from church building together with subsequently months of reminders together with fiddling to no payments I realized that I wasn’t in all likelihood to e'er receive full payment for the guitar. As a fairly immature Christian, I learned 2 lessons. First, that Christians are people but similar everyone else who brand mistakes inward improver to don’t e'er do what they should. Secondly, that I could “fighting for my right” inward the flesh or I could permit God vindicate me.

At that dot inwards my life the $400 that was owed to me was a huge total of money likewise it was honestly real hard to cast that tending on the Lord. I prayed virtually it for weeks together with it became clear that the best class of activeness was to deliberately SOW the guitar into his life. I realized that I could either drive got a victim mentality, thinking that something was stolen from me, or I could choose non to stimulate got been stolen from together with GIVE it, knowing that the Lord sees my oculus as well as would payoff that.

Looking dorsum on this lesson, every chip hard every scrap it was it was and so skilful for my grapheme evolution. It helped me have got a peachy measurement forwards inwards breaking whatever honey of money that was nowadays inwards my life likewise ultimately helped me to improve larn position my trust inward God rather than trying to prepare things paw myself.

“Give to everyone who asks of you, and whoever takes away what is yours, do not demand it back.” -Luke half-dozen:30

Today’second challenge

Fast forward to a today, and I have a new opportunity for growth. As a result of being a total-quaternary dimension blogger, I have payments from quite a few unlike advertisers together with advertizement networks. Up until a few months agone, I was making the fault of not thoroughly keeping rail of my payments. I exclusively assumed that if they owed me coin, they would exclusively pay me. As a termination of my naivety, one special advertiser went months without paying together with at 1 time owes me many times to a greater extent than than what I was owed for the guitar. At start I just contacted them to allow them know, assuming it was only a error as good as that they would only pay off the remaining residue. Instead the in conclusion duad months agree been a lot of me calling together with emailing inward addition to getting trivial to no answer together with 50-50 out less inwards payments from them.

As if the large chunk of alter that they owe me wasn’t plenty, this is money that I pay my bills amongst. It seems that the stakes are quite a flake higher than they were amongst the guitar inward high schoolhouse.

At the peak of my frustration I stumbled upon this verse…

“Let your forbearing spirit be known to all men. The Lord is near.” -Philippians 4:v

And just guess what the definition of “forbearing” is. Webster’s defines it as, “a refraining from the enforcement of something (as a debt, right, or obligation) that is due.

I think God was trying to do a dot to me, too as thick every fleck it was assail, I got it. To add together to that, I felt similar I was supposed to apologize to the advertiser for existence likewise overbearing. After contestation inward improver to coming upwardly with around 100 reasons that they should be apologizing me, rather than me apologizing to them, I obeyed inward summation to sent an e-mail apologizing for my behavior.

The adjacent poesy inward Philippians iv says…

“Be anxious for nothing, but in everything past prayer as well as supplication amongst thanksgiving permit your requests live made known to God.”

While all this was going on, we were saving upward every dime we could laurels together with therefore we could come upwardly with the required downwardly payment. I cause got to acknowledge it was hard not existence anxious knowing that if they would merely ship what they owed, we would comfortably stimulate our downwardly payment covered. I approximate that was run of the examination.

So after all that I was convinced that I was going to cast this care on the Lord and allow Him to work on the situation. Right before I left for Florida two weeks ago, I called them to kindly acquire a update on the payment condition together with it appears they create gone out of line of work. It’second all a exam.

There have been some sound practical concern lessons that I conduct concord learned from all this that will serve me well inwards the future, but much to a greater extent than valuable are the lessons that God is teaching me nigh my grapheme in addition to how to do things His agency. I don’t know if I testament ever live repaid from the advertiser, but I am confident that obeying God’second Word volition e'er yield the best final resultant – l-l if I don’t view it correct away.

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