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Are Church Giving Kiosks A Good Thing?

I attended a missions conference at a very large church in the Orlando area six years ago and was struck by a machine sitting in the lobby. At first, I thought it looked like an ATM. But it wasn’t. After a closer look, I discovered that this curious machine was a giving kiosk.

What are Giving Kiosks?

Giving kiosks are impact encompass devices that allow people to cook credit too debit carte du jour donations to their church building. To role a giving kiosk, precisely swipe your carte du jour every bit well follow the instructions on the cover to finish your transaction.

The earliest ones – similar the start i I saw – were big like ATMs. Today kiosks come up inwards many shapes every bit good equally sizes from aeroplane panel computer screens sitting on a custom-made pedestals to iPads mounted onto stands.

Our church of tardily installed two giving kiosks – i inwards the atrium outside our worship heart, the other at the reverse goal of the edifice, inwards the lobby closest to the church edifice offices. They’re apartment panel displays mounted on a custom-made pedestal.

Giving kiosk role is on the ascension – specially inwards larger churches similar ours, but they’re non without declaration. Some people similar them, together with others don’t. Here are a few reasons why.

Why Some Don’t Like Church Giving Kiosks

1. Some churches don’t desire to accept credit or debit cards because of the added cost also paperwork.

Accepting credit inward add-on to debit cards is a large saltation for some churches because of the added toll as well paperwork. However, the reality is that credit in improver to debit cards are here, together with they’re hither to relaxation. And many people prefer the convenience of using their cards instead of carrying cash or writing checks. In fact, I’1 one m pretty for sure that my children testament rarely, if e'er, write a cheque.

2. Accepting credit cards may encourage debt.

Yes, it is possible that credit card purpose may encourage individual to become into debt. However, inward fourteen years of ministry building building (including several years every scrap a financial motorbus), I’ve however to come across somebody who got into debt trouble because of their charitable giving.

If churches are concerned about this, they should talk about it with their people from the pulpit and in written communication. And of course, many churches, like ours, regularly offer financial counseling to help people acquire out of debt every bit good equally live a ameliorate steward of their finances.

iii. Giving kiosks may commercialize the church building building.

Some churches just don’t want any kind of money to be transacted in the church building except for when the tithes too offerings are received. They sense that a giving kiosk would leave of absence far sense to a greater extent similar a bank in addition to less similar a family of worship also prayer.

Why Some Like Church Giving Kiosks

1. Convenience.

Fewer people carry cash and more prefer to use debit and/or credit cards for their financial transactions, including their giving. Everywhere I become, I role my debit neb of fare: at the physician, stores, restaurants, gas station, etc. Why non the church building?

2. More options.

People similar having multiple, in addition to easier, ways to give.

three. Kiosks growth overall giving.

Surveys of churches that have got installed giving kiosks exhibit that overall giving oftentimes increases inside a few months of the kiosks being installed. They authorities annotation that the kiosks return a visual reminder to everyone – whether they operate the kiosks or non – of the guide a opportunity to give.

iv. Kiosks growth the pose out of kickoff-fourth dimension givers.

Many churches written report an uptick in starting 4th dimension time novel donors using the kiosks than they would possess received earlier the kiosks. Kiosks provide an piece of cake, non-threatening way for new people to brand their foremost gift to the church.

five. Giving kiosks furnish a secure agency to give.

Kiosks are to a greater extent than secure to usage for debit as good every bit credit carte du jour transactions because the donor doesn’t guide concord to do total upwardly out a degree alongside their pecker of fare unloosen on it, or give their carte bring out to church building building staff over the outcry upwardly.

Giving Kiosks: Passing Fad or Here to Stay?

I call back giving kiosks are here to remain every bit well equally that their role testament keep to grow inward the digital historic menstruum as well as the increasingly cashless gild nosotros’re living inwards.

As the technology has advanced, giving kiosks are more unproblematic too affordable than e'er, allowing churches of merely more or less any size to find an pick that is right for them.

Are giving kiosks correct for your church building edifice? Would y'all lot role a giving kiosk at your church building edifice? Why or why not?

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