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Andy Stanley’S ‘Balanced’ Series

Andy Stanley's Balanced SeriesEarlier this twelvemonth I listened to Andy Stanley’s ‘Balanced’ vi-component sectionalisation financial serial for the 2nd fourth dimension.  And I thought to myself, “I get got to uncovering a way to portion this amongst the readers.”

Having been in this whole Christian Personal Finance thing for a long time, I have read, seen, and heard a lot of teaching about how the Bible pertains to our finances. And I am non exaggerating when I say that this 6-part series is some of the best teaching (besides most helpful) that I cause got come upward across.

I strongly encourage you lot to spend the side past times side week besides get through this series.  No thing whether you are a beginner or skillful-versed inwards managing your coin God’s way, I am rattling confident yous will regain it to be of value.

Each lesson is thirty minutes long, so if you lot actually acquire inspired yous tin forcefulness out knock of the whole thing out inward 3 hours.

Listen to it Now!

For the sake of convenience I am including the links to each part here, but you are also welcome to watch the videos on his site hither every flake expert.

Balanced Part 1 (Listen)

“Are yous financially balanced? Do you lot know where your coin goes each month? Do you lot together with your married man struggle skilful-nigh money? Does your calendar month terminal longer than your money? If your respond to whatsoever of these questions is yep, you lot may be financially unbalanced. In this series, Andy reveals the steps you lot demand to accept to achieve the liberty in addition to contentment that comes amongst existence financially balanced.”

Balanced Part two (Listen)

“What is your primary objective when it comes to your personal finances? For some it’s supporting a family; others strive to save as much as possible. For many, financial liberty is the consummate occupation. What should your objective be when it comes to your money? What will select you lot the most peace? Join Andy Stanley as he explores the Bible to observe the reply. It simply ability surprise yous.”

Balanced Part iii (Listen)

“Auto leases, credit cards, pupil loans, and second mortgages straight off our money, our aid, together with our liberty. In this message, Andy shares how to handgrip personal debt inwards add-on to takes a hard expression at making the necessary corrections to get to where nosotros enquire to alive.”

Balanced Part four (Listen)

“Do you wish less anxiety inward the arena of your finances? Of class of study y'all practise. But our culture teaches that your value is based on the accumulation of material. The to a greater extent you amass earlier yous conk, the to a greater extent than successful it appears your life has been. Andy presents a unlike perspective – i that will proceed you lot from buying into our civilisation’s lies.”

Balanced Part five (Listen)

“Do you combat with discontentment? If you do, inwards that location’s a reason. In this message, Andy Stanley explains why your appetite for to a greater extent never gets satisfied. Once you lot sympathise that, together with apply the principles Andy presents, you’ll be able to award the contentment you desire.”

Balanced Part vi (Listen)

“When it comes to personal finances, nosotros oftentimes location ourselves origin, as well as God unremarkably gets our leftovers. But as good as in addition to thus to whom practise nosotros plow when we are having financial job? Yep! The person we’ve pose finally. Doesn’t brand feel, does it? In the in determination of this vi-work series, Andy Stanley explains why it is inward your best interest to re-prioritize your money. Using passages from the Old as good New Testaments, he outlines a elementary conception that testament throw opened the door to God’s interest inward your finances – a programme that will bring yous the liberty in addition to peace you desire.”


Did you nous to the Balanced serial?  What did you remember?  Tell us inward the comments!

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