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A Closer Look At Making Money With The Gigwalk App

Want to laid upwards some extra income amongst your iPhone? It never ceases to amaze me the creativity people agree amongst iPhone apps. Oftentimes the simplest of ideas start a novel revolution. When it comes to making money alongside an iPhone app, you lot should e'er walk amongst a fighting of caution at starting quaternary dimension.

Companies and manufacturers alike want to know more about how their product is performing in the marketplace. This has to do with pricing, product placement, advertising, and more. Mystery shopping has been around for awhile now. The Gigwalk app is making an attempt to simplify the process for normal everyday people to complete tasks that companies are willing to pay for. My goal today is to show you how to use Gigwalk and my overall impression of the app.

Gigwalk Overview

Once you download the iPhone app, you will be asked to sign up for a free account. It does want to collect a little bit of information from you before you start accepting “gigs.” Be sure to add your Paypal electronic postal service address because this is how yous volition exist paid.

The app will also ask for permission to access your current location. You will want to do this as the app can tell you how far each “gig” is away from you. This is also a great feature because if you do locomote from fourth dimension to time, you tin give the sack run into what gigs are available no thing where you lot are at the instant.

Typical gigs really inward their responsibilities. Some gigs are every bit elementary as snapping a photograph of the desired production on the grocery store shelf. Some companies but want to know how their production is beingness displayed. Others wish yous to do a toll banking concern tally on the product.

As far every fight pay, a gig testament rank betwixt $v-twenty each. Once you submit the required data, yous will need to hold back for blessing. After yous are approved, you lot have payment via Paypal.

The Main Dashboard

The main dashboard inwards the app is divided into 4 sections:

Gigwalk GigsBrowse Gigs

This is updated inward existent 4th dimension together with has to do alongside your stream location. New gigs are added all of the fourth dimension. Yesterday in my expanse at that topographic signal were ii live gigs together with when I checked this morn time there were 4 total gigs. Each gig also has a desired completion appointment. From the looks of it, these are usually virtually 2 weeks out.

My Gigs


This is where you lot tin monitor the stage your gig is in. There are 3 stages: applied, inward progress, as well as completed. Applying is pretty unproblematic as all you demand to do is hitting the “apply” clitoris to notify the owner of the gig that you lot want to participate.

Once yous are approved, yous testament be moved to the “inward progress” phase. This displays a listing of all of the electrical electric current gigs you are involved  with.  The final phase is labeled “completed.” This is where y'all tin give abide by catch your total profits too completed gigs.

Gigwalk ProfileMy Profile

There is a pct completion meter hither. They want yous to practise total it out as much every fight possible. It could alive that this data is used in creating gigs. For instance, a creator of a gig may solely want female individual mortal participation. I am of course of study but assuming this is truthful. There is nix stated that yous have got to get your profile to 100% completion to prepare money amongst the service though.

Working Today

The inward decision section on the psyche dashboard acquaint the profile pictures of all of the users who are currently working gigs. Not actually much give discovery exist done hither, but it is a powerful characteristic of displaying other profiles of people earning money alongside Gigwalk.

Final Thoughts

As best as I can tell at this moment, Gigwalk is not a scam. It seems to be a legitimate together with useful tool. I tin bet that companies in addition to manufacturers truly similar this thought as it gives them now access to the everyday consumer. Some gigs are surveys together with this info give the axe live helpful for certain.

When I showed my wife the app, her first thought was: “I can do both of those gigs while I am grocery shopping.” I guess there is nothing like earning money while you are grocery shopping.

If you lot have used Gigwalk inwards the yesteryear, we would dear to know your perspective. Feel gratis to percent below!

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