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8 Practical Ways To Love God More Than Money

8 ways to love GOD more than moneyI write this article equally much to myself as to you: I fully realize how money testament persistently every bit good insidiously assay to capture a bigger together with bigger element of my centre equally well every bit my life.

I also know that drifting through life doesn’t work because I seldom drift closer to God.

Perhaps this is why Jesus declared these ii loves to alive polar opposites:

No one tin serve ii masters. Either you testament detest the i in addition to love the other, or you lot volition live devoted to the i in summation to despise the other. You cannot serve both God as well as money. – Matthew half-dozen:24 NIV

I am convinced that we inquire to live truly intentional nigh keeping God rootage equally good equally money lastly. These tips testament help.

1. Have a Regular Prayer Time

I am not talking about praying over a meal or even talking to God as you drive to work. These prayers are fine, but loving God means committing your time to Him. Set aside some fourth dimension every intend solar daytime but for Him. He would honey for you to do thence.

2. Serve Others

The 2d greatest commandment (subsequently loving God) is to love others. Do yous serve your household? Do you lot serve your co-workers (flush your subordinates)? Do you lot cheque on the widow who lives downwardly the street? Do yous volunteer to mentor a small of a single parent?

Notice that I haven’t said a word about money so far. Why? Because the best way to non dear money is to proactively honey God. As Jesus said, we tin forcefulness out’t beloved both.

Now some money tips that testament help us love God . . . .

3. Be a Giver

Why do I emphasize giving? Because doing so is the antidote for loving coin.

God is the ultimate giver (He gave his entirely son). The to a greater extent we educate a giver’s optic, the to a greater extent we locomote like God as well as demonstrate our dear for him.

4. Plan to Increase Your Giving for the Rest of Your Life

This isn’t unopen tithing, nor is it or so legalism; it is expert-nigh systematically ensuring that nosotros never set about complacent. Some of you lot contend to give anything at all spell others are stuck at 10%.

Why not set a destination of giving a greater percentage annually for the rest of your life? Wouldn’t it be wonderful to give 30% or 50% or 70%? After all, this is about loving God; this is radical and this is about not beingness similar everyone else.

v. Plan to Give Spontaneously

Budget a laid upwards amount to proceed on manus to be able to bless others every bit needs arise. January as good I proceed a “bless envelope” on mitt packed alongside cash earmarked to give. This is a fun, grass roots way to purchase the farm along our giving existent.

vi. Meet amongst Accountability Partners

Do you know others who are striving to radically honey Jesus? Meet with them regularly to encourage each other, component ideas together with give testimonies of ways that receive worked. Nothing motivates to a greater extent than hearing from individual else who has really done what yous are considering.

seven. Automate Your Finances

Jesus taught his disciples to pray, “Pb us non into temptation.” (Matthew half-dozen:xiii NIV) Keeping money easily accessible is, for some, a temptation. We proceed a small buffer remainder inward our regular checking line human relationship, equally good as therefore take away every dollar to a higher location that buffer amount transferred monthly to a less accessible line of work human human relationship.

8. Set a Maximum Limit for How Much You Keep

Change your thinking from how much you give to how much y'all will continue. This is non a vow of poverty nor should it live a fourth dimension for imprudence. But, unless you lot prepare a cap, yous testament drift to higher besides higher standards of living without realizing it. Is this non what everyone around yous does? Be radical, set upward that cap, as well as you lot will start viewing those pay raises every bit opportunities to give to a greater extent than. Remember to create a reckoner plan that honors God instead of money!

I promise these few thoughts testament motivate y'all to honey coin less inwards plus to beloved God to a greater extent.

What other ideas do you select? Leave a comment!

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