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7 Ways God Is Working In Your Finances

7 ways God is working in your financesHere are a few commons questions: “Doesn’t the Bible soil that money is the root of all evil? Are yous implying that a holy God would stoop hence depression as to slice of work through something as vile every fight our finances?”

My answers to those 2 questions are “no” inwards addition to “yes.” The correct Bible quote is:

For the dearest of money is a root of all kinds of evil. Some people, eager for money, concur wandered from the organized faith as well pierced themselves with many griefs. – 1 Timothy half-dozen:10 NIV

Money is amoral, neither goodness or bad; how we traveling bag it is the challenge.

Therefore, we shouldn’t concluding surprised if a holy God wants to employ money to guide us, challenge us, besides ameliorate us.

The late Larry Burkett points out that there are over 1,000 references to money inwards the Bible, 2nd alone to the dependent of dear.

In fact, it was Burkett’s book, Your Finances in Changing Times, that inspired this postal service.

How Does God Work Through Our Finances?

1. To Strengthen Our Trust inward Him

It is easy to trust God when all is going well, but how about when you lose your project, cause unexpected medical bills, or when your automobile breaks down together with yous don’t stimulate the resources to pay for the repair? During those trying times, God wants to plough our anxieties into trust:

But seek outset his kingdom inwards add-on to his righteousness, together with all these things testament be given to you lot every bit well. – Matthew 6:33 NIV

The solitary agency some of us will facial facial expression upwardly is when nosotros are flush on our backs. God knows this besides will utilize those times to meet our needs if we will spot him source.

2. To Develop Our Trustworthiness

Every financial transaction is an opportunity to prove our trustworthiness to God and to others. According to Thomas J. Stanley’s book, The Millionaire Mind, the number one factor attributing to the success of multimillionaires is “beingness honest with all people.” We shouldn’t displace surprised. As we examine our trustworthiness to others, they will concord out drawn to us together with desire to do occupation system with us.

Whoever tin terminate be trusted alongside rattling little tin push clit out also alive trusted with much, besides whoever is dishonest amongst rattling lilliputian will also concluding dishonest amongst much. – Luke sixteen:10 NIV

iii. To Prove His Love

As our heavenly Father, God wants to furnish for us if we testament exactly allow Him to.

If yous, too thus, though yous are evil, know how to give goodness gifts to your children, how much more than volition your Father inward sky give practiced gifts to those who inquire him! – Matthew 7:1 NIV

How does our Father provide? He takes care of us by giving us the powerfulness to slice of piece of work as well as past times providing opportunities to earn coin. It is all His together with He wants to exhibit His love for us past times times giving to us.

4. To Demonstrate His Power Over the World

When God put Joseph in a position of power in Egypt, God promised (through a dream he gave Joseph) 7 years of prosperity which would locomote followed past times 7 years of famine (Genesis 41:27-57). Pharaoh wisely appointed Joseph to ensure that Arab Republic of Egypt would store grain during the bumper crop years inward gild to sustain the land also neighboring nations during the lean years. Then God demonstrated his mightiness over the solid ground past times providing those 7 proficient years as well as 7 bad years.

Sometimes we allow our tunnel vision to preclude us from realizing that our God is inwards control of non exactly our finances, but those of the entire globe.

5. To Unite Christians Through Shared Blessings

We know and God knows that our finances have an ebb and flow to them. When times are good, He expects us to share with believers in need. When times are lean, others will step up and bless us. Paul points this out to the Corinthian church building inward 2 Corinthians 8:15 as he challenges them to give generously to the needy Christians inwards Jerusalem.

vi. To Provide Direction for Our Lives

Do yous cause got an abundance? God wants to give yous wisdom some how to suitcase that abundance (Matthew 25:xv-29). Are yous struggling financially? God’s hope is:

Let us non acquire weary inwards doing goodness, for at the proper time we testament reap a harvest if we do non give upwards. – Galatians one-half-dozen:ix NIV

7. To Satisfy the Needs of Others

The reality of life is that we are our brothers’ keeper. I don’t know what other religious groups respond regularly to disasters around the globe, but I do know that God expects Christians to every scrap evidenced:

If anyone has cloth possessions together with sees a blood brother or sis inward demand but has no pity on them, how can the dearest of God live inward that private? – 1 John iii:17 NIV

Final Thoughts

God industrial institute in every aspect of our lives, including our finances. He testament role those finances to teach us to trust him, to learn trustworthy, to essay His honey for us, to guide us, together with to come upwardly across needs of young human believers as good as unbelievers.

We should await nothing less from a sovereign God.

How does God piece of work money to work inward your life? Leave a comment!

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