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7 Simple Ways To Raise Non-Materialistic Children

If you want to raise kids who aren't always obsessed with the latest and greatest, and who don't wrap their self-esteem in their possessions, then check out some of these tips to raise non-materialistic children!Ironically, many children raised inwards wealth demonstrate the same tendencies every chip those who are raised inward extreme poverty: low, despair, attempted suicide, drug equally good alcohol business office, together with shoplifting.

Why this conduct?

The parents, who are oftentimes also busy making money sacrifice meaningful fourth dimension with their children.

Admittedly, raising children inwards a public obsessed with stuff is a tough, tough task.

As savvy advertisers target these kids from early on youth, every bit well as equally their peers are quick to sport whatever the latest besides greatest may be, the parents must exist vigilant inward pedagogy their children that such possessions exercise non create ane happy, together with, inward fact, are detrimental to truthful happiness.

So . . . inwards this materialistic society, how does 1 pop off virtually raising non-materialistic children?

These tips will assist:

1Practice What You Preach

If you purchase cars to impress others, shop regularly but to live shopping, together with “have to bring” whatever the latest electronic gadget might be, don’t bother reading the residual of this article. Why? Because what you lot practise screams to your children louder than anything you lot tin john ever tell.

Albert Schweitzer said it well, “There are only 3 ways to learn a kid. The start is by representative; the 2nd is by event; the tertiary is yesteryear representative.” Your acquire-buy the farm footstep, hence, is to purge materialism from the someone you lot run across in the mirror.

iiSpend Time With Your Children

Do you find yourself giving gifts to your children to make up for lack of personal attention? If so, you are instead sending the message that you think stuff is more important than a close relationship. Let the “Cats In The Cradle” lyrics resonate deeply. This Harry Chapin classic is a haunting reminder that ane fourth dimension those kid rearing years are gone, you testament never get them dorsum.

Cherish every flake yous can range alongside your children.

iiiRein inwards Your Christmases

Somehow, someway, many parents missed the memo: “Christmas is non a license to overly indulge your children.” No affair how you lot justify it, overspending on your children but because it is Christmas is nonetheless overspending on your children (live for certain to get on a Christmas budget). Try celebrating the true spirit of Christmas alongside your children instead of piling upwardly stuff for them.

Our children, who are now grown, still have fond memories of the hours we spent together baking cookies and making homemade Christmas cards to give the inmates at a local prison. Create your own family traditions that involve time together and giving to others. Your children testament cherish those memories.

ivHelp Them Prioritize Their Own Money

As your children acquire onetime enough to choose their guide money, assist them prioritize that money. A rattling elementary designing is to give some, salvage some, together with spend some.

If y'all emphasize giving, you testament live helping your tyke fix a centre for others. Because giving is the contrary of materialism, yous demand to constantly demonstrate a giving spirit.

vSupport a Child inward a Poverty Nation

Need something for that “giving” coin to give away for? How nigh supporting a kid inwards a tertiary-public soil. Children receive a natural empathy for other children, hence if your kids bathroom back up a kid amongst existent needs, they will non solely acquire to honey that tyke, but testament also appreciate whatever textile possessions they already have.

viTake Them on Foreign Mission Trips

I have got been fortunate plenty to accompany all iv of my children on curt term mission trips to United Mexican US. Three went slice inwards high school; the 4th every bit an adult.

Nothing, absolutely naught testament conduct on kids more than than seeing poverty upwards shut together with personal. Amazingly, the lesson my kids came dorsum with over together with over over again was how happy those people (who had cipher) were. Talk skilful-nigh an antidote to materialism . . . these curt-term mission trips selection out been firsthand proof that stuff doesn’t equal happiness.

Check out this article if you need to bring upwards money for your mission trip.

sevenTake a Field Trip to a Dump

I borrow this idea from Randy Alcorn’s book, Managing God’s Money. Show your children all these piles of “treasures” that were 1 fourth dimension Christmas together with birthday presents. Discuss how everything we have today testament likewise cease upwards inwards a junkyard similar this ane. Read ii Peter three:10-xiv together (a passage that tells of how everything inwards this public testament some solar daytime burn downwardly), thence utilization this teachable instant to hash out truthful riches which plough over life hither on planet set down.

Ask them this query: “When everything we select ever owned is someday burned, what, inward your lives, do you lot recollect testament lastly forever?”

In what ways are y'all helping your children avoid materialism? What could yous live doing better? Leave a comment!

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