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6 Retirement Planning Tips For Middle-Aged Procrastinators

retirement planning tips for middle-aged procrastinators

1000y 56 yr old friend Colin (fictitious mention), lately told me that he plans to retire at age 65 as good as in improver to then kicking dorsum together with do what he wants.

His retirement will include traveling when inwards improver to where he (besides his married adult woman) select, driving his vehicle of pick and pretty much living the proficient life.  Without probing, I learned:

  • He has really few (if whatsoever) retirement investments together with is not currently saving whatever appreciable amount.

  • He testament even so last making solid payments subsequently age 65.

  • He has recently purchased a vehicle that he volition be paying on for several years.

  • He would like to buy a truck (requiring a loan) within the adjacent year.

  • He currently flora 2 to 3 jobs, all requiring physical activity.

  • He is inward decent health, but has had increasing knee too leg pain inward recent years.

  • He is the sole provider for his theatre unit of measurement of measure.

I could feel my stress plane increasing every chip our conversation continued, but Colin seemed  to acquire got a disconnect between his retirement too his plans for that retirement.  Should I have asked him just how he planned to pay for his retirement?  Probably – we motion a high trust flat – but I didn’t.

But similar a shot I wonder: how many Americans have a similarly “dream dry out laid down” attitude toward their retirement?

The 2010 Retirement Confidence Survey reports that alone 69% of workers grip saved anything for retirement, piece 27% have got less than $1,000 inward total savings.  Furthermore, American workers are clueless most what they demand for a comfortable retirement; less than half of the married couples have got e'er 50-l tried to calculate how much they would demand to relieve.

Are yous feeling my stress? Are yous i of these statistics? If so, don’t despair.  No affair what your age, the next  steps give notice build your retirement a rational programme instead of a fuzzy wishing.

1. Make a programme.

Be realistic.  If you cannot achieve a retirement income equal or more than your current working income, plan for your retirement standard of living to be lower than your current standard of living.  And DO NOT count on Social Security to fund your retirement.  It is a broken system doomed for failure.

2. Get out of debt.

I know.  You hear this all of the time.  But this one step is the simplest way to increase your retirement cash flow.  Think of it like this: that $500 car payment, $800 credit card payment and $400 furniture payment translate to $1,700 a month toward your retirement income – IF you pay them off.  This equates to drawing 3% annually from a $680,000 nest egg.  Which is easier: getting out of debt or saving $680,000?

3. Pay off your mortgage.

House debt as well as retirement are non adept chemical science.  As inwards the previous instance, that problem solid payment testament endure going to you lot instead of the depository fiscal establishment – when the house is paid for.

Hint: if yous are considering purchasing a solid, conception the term of the loan to be less than the publish of years earlier y'all retire.

4. Save.

No matter how old you are, it is never too late to source saving.  Whatever nest egg you accumulate will be more than if you don’t acquire-expire.  Besides, yous volition become learning a habit that you lot volition demand i time retired: go on less than you lot brand.

5. Plan to slice of piece of work become fourth dimension.

What do you lot dearest to do?  Start doing it go time at once and preserve every penny yous earn.  Then, when you retire from your total-fourth dimension chore, you dismiss supplement your retirement income past continuing to do what yous dearest.

one-half-dozen. Keep working as long every scrap yous displace.

Retirement does non magically acquire on at some arbitrary age; it happens when you tin dismiss afford it.  The longer yous are able to work (in addition to do the things I listed inward a higher identify), the amend you lot volition be able to afford it.

Don’t concord upward like my friend Colin every bit well every bit assume all testament endure sound.  It won’t unless yous acquire into spill out.

Colin: are you reading?  I hope hence.

Readers: what other suggestions do yous keep for those who create non planned for retirement?  Any ideas on how to create the Colins inwards this Earth wake upwardly?  

Do yous think I should acquire challenged Colin’s concepts of retirement?

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