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5 Extraordinary Stories About Giving

extraordinary stories about giving

As a reader of ChristianPF, I assume that you agree with this statement: “Even if you pay off every debt, prepare a fully funded emergency fund, invest wisely for retirement, relieve for your children’mo college fund, and pay off your solid early, you could still be missing the most important personal finance principle: giving!

But agreeing inwards improver to becoming a zealous giver are non the same thing. Hopefully, these amazing stories will inspire you lot (also me) to get ameliorate givers.

1The Man Who Gave ninety Percent

R. G. LeTourneau (1888 – 1969) was a Christian industrialist who dedicated his life to “existence a adult virile of affairs for God.” He was hugely successful, designing besides developing his possess line of world-moving equipment.

LeTourneau was the maker of nearly 300 inventions, and had hundreds of patents in his lifetime. As he succeeded financially, he increased his giving to the dot where he was giving 90% of his income to the Lord’sec move.

I shovel out the money, in addition to God shovels it dorsum—but God has a bigger shovel. – R. G. LeTourneau

You may be thinking, “I could give 90% too if I was a multi-millionaire.” Maybe so, but LeTourneau didn’t start out wealthy.

A gentle challenge: Whatever per centum of your income you lot are currently giving, brand a lifelong estimator programme to bump that per centum amongst every risk.

2The Poor Widow Whose Giving Impresses Jesus

Sometimes the sacrifice speaks louder than the size of the gift, equally in this storey:

Jesus sat down opposite the place where the offerings were put and watched the crowd putting their money into the temple treasury. Many rich people threw inwards large amounts. But a pitiful widow came likewise location inward ii real brusque copper coins, worth exclusively a few cents.

Calling his disciples to him, Jesus said, “Truly I tell you, this sorry widow has topographic dot to a greater extent into the treasury than all the others. They all gave out of their wealth; but she, out of her poverty, pose inward everything—all she had to direct maintain upwardly on.”

– Mark 12:41-45 NIV

Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 gentle challenge: Consider increasing your giving (whether money, time, or talents) beyond mere convenience in addition to into the realm of sacrifice.

3The Priest of Auschwitz

During the Second World War, Polish Priest Maximilian Kolbe was arrested by the German Gestapo for hiding Jews and Polish refugees from the Nazis. When three prisoners disappeared from the Auschwitz concentration camp, the deputy camp commander issued orders to pick ten men to be starved to death in order to deter further escape attempts. One of these ten, Franciszek Gajowniczek, began to weep out, “My married adult woman! My children! I testament never consider them once again!” At this indicate, Kolbe stepped forward, removed his cap, together with said, “I am a Catholic Priest. Let me bring his seat. I am ane-quaternary dimension. He has a married woman too children.” Amazingly, the commander allowed the betoken.

In the starvation jail cellular outcry upwardly, he celebrated Mass each daytime besides sang hymns amongst his fellow prisoners. After ii weeks of dehydration equally good equally starvation, solely Kolbe remained survive. Because the mobile vociferation was needed for other prisoners, he was given a lethal injection. Those present say he raised his left arm together with calmly waited for the injection.

Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 gentle challenge: Keep your psyche opened upwardly around how y'all may serve others. Avoid self-imposed limitations . . . God may have got something bigger inwards store for y'all.

4Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 Pastor’sec Act of Kindness Saves Three

The following story is told in more detail by Ilene Wright. Here is my abbreviated version:

Years ago, Ilene’2nd preacher noticed the household unit of criterion standing inwards front of him at a New Orleans convenience shop did non lead got plenty money to pay for their few items. He tapped the human existence on the shoulder in improver to said, “You don’t demand to plough around, but please select this money.” The man took the money without e'er seeing the preacher.

Nine years later, the pastor was invited to speak at a church in New Orleans. After the service, a adult male walked upwardly to the preacher likewise shared this flush almost how he had come upwards to organized faith inwards Christ: “Several years agone, my married woman too our kid were destitute. We had lost everything, had no jobs, no money every bit good as were living inward our auto. We also lost all hope, together with agreed to a suicide pact, including our fiddling-scale. However, we decided to larn-decease give our boy some food, thence nosotros drove to a convenience store to purchase him some nutrient also milk.”

“While we were standing inwards line at the store, nosotros realized that we did not have got plenty money to pay for these items, but a human beingness behind us asked us to please convey the money from his manus inwards improver to non keep off at him. This human being told us that ‘Jesus loves you lot.’”

“We left the store, drove to our designated suicide site, as well every bit wept for hours. We couldn’t move through alongside it, thence nosotros drove away. As we drove, we noticed a church building edifice with a sign out forepart which said, ‘Jesus dearest yous.’ We went to that church building the existent next Lord'sec Day, also both my spouse every bit good equally I were saved that hateful solar daytime.”

He besides thus told the pastor, “When y'all began speaking this morning, I knew forthwith that you were the human who gave us that money.” How did he know? The pastor was from South Africa also had a existent distinct accent. He continued, “Your movement of kindness was much to a greater extent than than a elementary skilful deed. Three people are endure today because of it.”

Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 gentle challenge: Maintain your spiritual antennae, remembering that God tin multiply the smallest gift many times over.

vThe Father Who Gave His Most Precious Possession

There in 1 lawsuit was a begetter who loved his children, but they didn’t dear him. One after some other left their father’s solid, vowing never to render. Finally, the manly someone parent had a son who reciprocated that dearest. This son honored, respected, besides obeyed his virile parent. The begetter was thrilled, but he yet mourned over his other children who had rejected him. He so came upwardly with a calculator programme – a risky programme: “I will give upward my dear boy to brand room inward my job solid for my wayward children to render. Hopefully, they testament realize my honey for them inward plus to come up dorsum domicile.”

You may recognize this vignette every bit the storey told inwards the book of John:

For God therefore loved the world that he gave his ane as well as solitary Son, that whoever believes inward him shall non instruct out but select got eternal life. – John 3:sixteen NIV

No listing of extraordinary giving stories could survive consummate without including this 1. I hope yous concur.

A gentle challenge: Commit your menage unit to the Lord – no strings attached.

Jesus said, “It is to a greater extent than blessed to give than to have.” My hope is that you feel this blessedness that Jesus promises.

What motivates you lot to give? Which of these stories speaks most deeply to you? Do yous guide care an amazing giving story to part? Leave a comment below!

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