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4 Steps You Should Never Skip When Buying A Used Car

Buying a used car is definitely the best way to get the most car for your money. Used cars depreciate much more slowly than new cars. However, purchasing a used car can be stressful. Did the previous owners take care of the car? Has it been in a wreck? Are there any recalls on the car? Since most used car sales come without a warranty, it’s best to minimize the risks of driving off in a lemon. Fortunately, there are a few things you can do to ensure your used car purchase is a good one.

Buying a used car is definitely the best way to get the most car for your money. Used cars depreciate much to a greater extent slow than novel cars.

However, purchasing a used automobile tin be stressful. Did the previous owners take assistance of the auto? Has it been inwards a wreck? Are at that topographic request whatever recalls on the automobile?

Since most used motorcar sales come upwards upwardly without a warranty, it’s best to minimize the risks of driving off inward a lemon.

Fortunately, at that spot are a few things you lot tin do to ensure your used machine purchase is a skilful ane.

iv Steps to Take Before Buying a Used Car

You’ve been looking at cars for what seems like forever. You’ve hold out got it narrowed downwards to i or ii. 

Before you plunk downwards your hard earned cash, build certain y'all do the next. You’ll live glad yous did.

1. Check the Car’s Ratings on Consumer Reports

Consumer Reports Reliability Rating.

Consumer Reports tin give the axe give you a wealth of data on whatever used auto yous are considering. 

Look upwards the specific brand in summation to model of the automobile, as good as Consumer Reports volition furnish you alongside a nautical chart telling yous how the automobile performs across all areas, compared to other cars.

When my married adult manful mortal as well as I were shopping for cars finally calendar week, the dealer showed us a Ford Fusion. Now, I’m a Honda as well as Toyota gal, as well as then I was skeptical. But when we looked the Ford Fusion upwardly on Consumer Reports, we found that it genuinely has nifty reliability ratings.

The reliability written written report also details job areas that mightiness demand to be fixed, together with it lists recalls that receive been issued for the automobile you lot are considering.

You tin instruct a Consumer Reports online subscription for $one-half-dozen.95 a month, together with you lot tin give the sack cancel anytime. Spending $half-dozen.95 to jibe out the overall reliability ratings of a machine is practiced worth it.

The Consumer Reports ratings lone embrace cars as onetime as 2006 models, as good thence if you’re buying a auto older than that, skip this stair.

2. Run a CARFAX Report 


A CARFAX study is my favorite used motorcar-buying tool, likewise I would never purchase a used auto without i.

CARFAX tracks cars yesteryear VIN and records a multitude of machine events: registration renewals, sales of the vehicle, service performed at a dealership, accidents, and even stolen vehicles.

A CARFAX written report tin terminate demo yous how many previous owners a machine has had and whether those owners took proficient attention of the motorcar. It tells you lot how many miles the machine averaged each twelvemonth.

It testament also alert you to mileage inconsistencies, recalls, inwards improver to liens on the vehicle.

It was a CARFAX written report that saved us from buying a potential trouble motorcar from a friend. He was trying to sell an older automobile amongst real audio mileage. After I ran the CARFAX study, nevertheless, it became apparent that the mileage was genuinely much higher than what was on the odometer — which had been reset earlier our friend bought the machine.

We shared the written study with our friend, together with it surprised him a lot. We also didn’t buy the automobile. 

The moral of the story is a CARFAX written written report tin terminate assist even if yous’re buying a auto from a trustworthy political party. They may not know the entire history of the motorcar, equally was the trial with our friend.

CARFAX reports run $39.99 for 1 written report, $49.99 for five, or $54.99 for unlimited reports run past license plate (a keen choice if you’re shopping private party sales).

Some car dealerships will provide you with a free copy of the CARFAX report, so ask before you buy one on your own. Other dealerships use AutoCheck, which provides much the same information every flake CARFAX, but it’s non as detailed.

If a dealership offers me a complimentary AutoCheck written study, I may role it to eliminate a motorcar from consideration. But if I’m serious virtually buying a automobile, I volition silent  run a CARFAX written report for peace of psyche.

3. Have Your Mechanic Look it Over

mechanic check used car

Never purchase a used auto without having your mechanic correspond it over. Unless yous slice of work on cars yourself, you mightiness live missing large hidden problems.

Influenza A virus subtype A private seller or dealership might drive to assure you lot that the automobile has been checked over in add-on to is inwards pristine working condition. But the seller has a vested involvement in leading you lot to believe the auto is perfect — they desire to sell yous the auto!

An independent mechanic tin sack say yous whether the motorcar looks skillful taken attention of. He tin give the axe alarm y'all to potential maintenance issues that testament demand to live addressed presently. 

You tin role this info to negotiate a fair cost for the vehicle. More cognition equals to a greater extent than negotiation powerfulness. 

Be wary of a seller who balks at the opinion of having the motorcar checked out past times times your mechanic. An honest seller testament wishing yous to live happy with your purchase.

4. Check the Kelly Blue Book Value of the Car

Kelly Blue Book Value of Car

You’ve done your homework. You know you’re buying a historically reliable machine. You’ve checked the machine’s history. Your mechanic has told you lot the machine is in practiced shape.

You’re ready to brand an offering.

Make for certain you lot don’t pay likewise much. Before making an offering on that used auto, inwards that location’s ane to a greater extent than thing you should do. Check the Kelly Blue Book value of the auto.

When you acquire to the Kelly Blue Book website, y'all tin input the twelvemonth, do, as good as model of the automobile you lot desire to purchase. You tin 50-l add additional options, similar leather seats, an automatic transmission, inwards improver to a sunroof to acquire a more accurate image of what the automobile is worth.

Finally, pick out whether yous desire to purchase the machine from a dealer or a person political party, together with Kelly Blue Book testament give you lot a range of typical prices for that car. 

Use that number, with whatever additional research you lot’ve done, to negotiate the terms of your motorcar.

It’s difficult to driblet thousands of dollars on a single purchase similar a motorcar. But afterwards next the to a higher identify steps, my married man as good as I latterly purchased that Ford Fusion nosotros checked out, as good we haven’t had s thoughts.

We know the machine has a skilful history as well as a goodness reliability report. We know the motorcar is inward audio condition, as well as we’re confident we paid a fair cost.

While it’s impossible to know what the future holds for our new-to-us car, we have done all we can to get the best-used automobile value for our money. And that’s all nosotros tin sack require for.

Linda together amongst I maintain this conversation inward the video below where we ground the “new auto aroma” inward improver to pecker around why we continue to purchase used cars.

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