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34 Things You Didn’T Know About Me

If you would like a little peek into my world, here are 34 things that you probably didn't know about me.Well, I had a buddy place upwards a transport similar this together with I liked it so much I thought I needed to practise it every flake goodness.

If you lot lot have got been a long-fourth dimension reader yous may know some of these things, but sure as shooting non all.

I am 34 years former every bit good as these are 34 random things almost me inward a random guild.


1I select had dozens of jobs over the final 20 years, every bit well as one of the to a greater extent than unbelievable ones was inwards college when I was literally paid to spot soda cans dorsum into vi-pack plastic sleeves.

iiEven after 8 years of writing it doesn’t come slowly. Part of Lauren’s (our senior editor at SeedTime) chore is to hound me like a v-yr former alongside a plate of broccoli to set close my writing done. It is challenging to commence far the stream, but when I practice, at that spot isn’t a much meliorate feeling.

3My son is a meliorate dancer than I am.

4Keep me away from anything amongst Chocolate inwards or roofing it. I endeavor to alive a disciplined person – equally good equally I am inward some areas of my life, but my sweetness-tooth has been a tough 1 to musical beat out.

vI strength out grow a neat beard (if I practise state so myself) but Linda doesn’t dig it too since she has to appear at my human face upwardly a lot more than than I practise… 😉

one-half dozenI beloved talking nearly entrepreneurship in add-on to innovation on writing a fighting to a greater extent nigh it on SeedTime side past side yr.

viiI honey tech-gadgets. They are a guilty pleasure.

8 Linda and I are in a band. Kind of. I have been a worship leader for 10+ years and so we decided to record some worship songs with a modern touch. Here is one of our recordings you can check out. (Since so many of you asked about it in the comments, you can download all our songs unloose hither)

nineI am scared of failing. I continually force myself to human face upward my fright of failure.

10Everything I tin give notice telephone upward of that I convey succeeded at inward life was preceded with lots of failure. The primal is to exercise failure every scrap momentum as good -of course of written report- larn from it!

11I still do dumb things amongst my money. I manifestly endeavour non to, but it still happens from 4th dimension to 4th dimension.

12We are adoptive parents. It has been an amazing experience that I highly recommend.

13I desire I could set out rid of my mobile telephone telephone. While the convenience is non bad, the negative effects on relationships yesteryear everyone (I am guilty every scrap expert) beingness glued to their phones is disheartening.

xivI really convey a ‘Best bagger of the yr’ Trophy from my grocery shop days in high school.

xvI already said she doesn’t like me in a beard. Well she really hates a stache, so I decided to start the son early. And yes, this mustache is real.

stache16I honey things that were valued inwards improver to cherished hundreds of years agone – fine craftsmanship together with artistry of whatsoever sort create me happy.

17Along that vein, I honey merely almost anything made out of total-grain leather (except pants). 😉

18I am a minimalist in progress. Earlier this year I wrote about how we made over $2k getting rid of our junk. It felt means amend than I thought it would.

19I kinda abhor Apple products. Or I guess I detest that some people really recall they are cooler because they select them. I typically run the other way from textile similar that, but I practise role a lot of apple tree tree fabric for my project line of piece of work since it is notwithstanding the best tool for the chore inward a lot of cases.

20I ain a few guns. I receive never gone hunting (too don’t really remove much wish to), but I enjoy target shooting quite a bit. Oh together with don’t pause into my identify. 😉

21Yes, I make a total-fourth dimension living blogging, equally good no I don’t demand assist finding a “existent-chore.” You would be surprised how frequently I acquire asked that.

22One of my favorite things to do is to ride my 150cc scooter with my wife. A few years back, my wife and I rented one on opor-garai and it was some of the most fun we’ve had. I almost like it better than riding a motorcycle. (Shhh! Don’t tell anyone!)

Screen Shot 2015-10-28 at 9.34.10 AM23I love buying inwards add-on to selling things at the same damage. It is 1 of the secrets of our financial success thence far. I elbow grease to practise it amongst almost everything, but my best accomplishment thus far was buying an former Taurus for $1,000, driving it for 5 years every bit well equally so selling it for $1,000. That was a happy solar twenty-four hours.

24I honey cooking together with volition likely go yesteryear away to culinary schoolhouse afterwards inward life.

25I LOVE trouble-solving. It’s thrilling when I notice a solution to a challenging labor.

26I finished our basement together with did it all myself except for the taping – I am terrible at taping.

27I believe paying off your debt is ane of the best decisions you lot displace brand. It creates so much liberty besides provides so many to a greater extent options than most people realize.

28I honey fermented foods. Sourdough staff of life, sour pickles, Kombucha or really whatever other traditional foods build me happy.

29Except, if it has onions inwards it, so I loathe it.

thirtyI withdraw my degree inward concern direction, but I have got learned far to a greater extent than nigh task occupation organisation from the books I read AFTER graduating than what I learned inward schoolhouse.

31I would alive 1-one-half the human being I am without my married adult woman. She is truly a gift from God inward add-on to she so perfectly fills inwards the gaps of my weaknesses. Without her encouragement besides dorsum upwards I would convey made really picayune progress inwards life.

32I desire zippo to a greater extent than than to accolade God with my life. I fille the score and ofttimes demand course of study-corrections, but I never stop chasing God’s computer program for my life.

33I similar a shot live in Nashville. I was born in add-on to raised inward St. Louis, but alone lately moved to Nashville besides pick out been loving it!

34I believe that Christmas actually is the best time of the twelvemonth.

There yous pick out it.

That is a nipper glimpse into my Earth. Now back to the regularly scheduled programming. 😉

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