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3 Ways To Learn Spanish Online For Free

Here are 3 simple, #free, and even FUN ways you can start learning to speak #spanish online today!Spanish is a fantastic language to learn (it’s one of the top spoken languages inwards the world), but it isn’t ever slow.

Besides the difficultly of learning a new language, inwards that location are terms considerations. Taking Spanish classes at a academy or community college sure as shooting costs coin – non to advert shipping costs.

Thankfully, the internet has made learning a new language convenient and, in some cases, unloosen.

Here are 3 unique ways yous flaming learn Spanish online, absolutely gratuitous of accuse. Pick the method that’sec right for yous!

1. Duolingo

If yous haven’t heard of Duolingo, yous’re inwards for a handle for.

Duolingo is maybe the most beautiful, fun agency to larn a linguistic communication online. And that’sec right, it won’t price you a penny.

You sack acquire from your desk or laptop reckoner, iPhone, iPad, or Android device. The apps piece of function really good, and everything syncs as good as then y'all won’t lose your degree progress.

Duolingo is effective, too. Check this out from their website:

An eight week study was independently conducted to assess the effectiveness of Duolingo equally a linguistic communication learning tool. The participants took ane academy placement Spanish linguistic communication assay at the source of the written report in addition to i at the stop. The improvement of linguistic communication abilities was measured every fleck the difference betwixt the initial in add-on to the final language examine results.

The study estimated that a person with no knowledge of Spanish would need betwixt 26 besides 49 hours (or 34 hours on average) to embrace the materials for the initiatory off college semester of Spanish. Since a i semester academy class of didactics normally takes more than than 34 hours of operate, this written report suggests that Duolingo is more than effective than university.

You’ll run across a diversity lessons, including opportunities to utter, hear, translate, as well as reply multiple choice questions. Plus, you lot’ll get feedback on each lesson as well as thence you know how to meliorate.

Duolingo encourages you to keep learning through the use of “streak counts” which records how many days in a row you spend learning Spanish. You’ll also lose “hearts” when you answer incorrectly; but don’t worry, you can try the lesson again if you lose them all.


Duolingo also promotes that you can: “Learn a language for liberate. Forever.” That’instant a powerful disceptation, as good as means that they won’t kickoff charging you lot once you’re signed upwards.

ii. iTunes U

iTunes U offers gratis courses inwards Spanish that you lot tin hear to online or on your iOS device (your iPhone or iPad).

One such course is Basic Spanish: SPN101, SPN102, SPN103, which tin give the sack assistance expose you lot to spoken Castilian to convey upward your learning. This would live keen to heed to while doing chores around the menage, on your commute, or patch working out.

Another course called Spanish I provides video of written Spanish to assistance you lot acquire. This would live fantastic for to a greater extent inward-depth written study.

3. YouTube

Many times, you terminate uncovering only nigh anything you lot wishing to acquire on YouTube. Learning Spanish is no exception.

The YouTube channel, The Spanish Blog, offers 30 splendid lessons on how to speak Spanish. Of course of pedagogy, they are costless of invoice, together with the instructor does a swell undertaking going tardily through each lesson. These lessons instruct the basics, and gradually get to a greater extent advanced.


You tin strength out also search YouTube for mutual Castilian phrases to supplement your noesis.

It may assist yous seeing a individual verbalize Spanish instead of merely hearing it. If that’sec the instance, YouTube is inwards all probability the right pick for you lot.

Final Thoughts

Learning Spanish online isn’t for everyone. Sometimes you lot mightiness discovery yourself needing some feedback or having questions with no 1 to reply them. Plus, yous may notice that being accountable to an instructor tin aid you lot learn faster.

However, if you lot create got the movement to larn Spanish, as well tin strength yourself to acquire Spanish without the oversight of an instructor, why non give online learning a whirl? After all, it’s gratis!

Have you discovered whatsoever other resources online to attention you larn Castilian? Would yous recommend them to others? Leave a comment!

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