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25 Best High Paying Jobs Without A Degree

25 top paying jobs without a college degree... https://seedtime.com/paying-jobs-without-degree/Can yous acquire a proficient paying chore without a aeroplane?

After recently writing about the debate of whether a college degree was still worth it or not, I have been doing a little bit more research on the topic. I found out about the growing FauxPloma industry and I recently stumbled on an article that talks about the displace yesteryear times paying 25 jobs that you can get without a degree. In the article, the author makes a couple encouraging statements for those without a college degree…

The belief that you need a college education to have a well-paying and rewarding job is quickly fading. A four-year degree definitely has its benefits in the business organisation concern globe, but it’s non the exclusively path to a successful career.

together alongside…

“…according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), eight of the 10 fastest-growing occupations through 2014 don’t require a bachelor’s degree. And these jobs, which include health technology, plumbing, firefighting and automotive repair, are less vulnerable to outsourcing. After all, if a burn downwardly breaks out, you lot demand the privy department to live a few blocks away, not halfway around the world.”

As I mentioned in the previous posts I wrote about college degrees, regardless of whether or not you get a college degree, you have to be a learner. Success comes from learning. If you don’t have got a college grade, but yous are a lifelong learner devoted to developing yourself too learning novel together alongside relevant skills you testament live successful. If yous are nether the supposition (that I was at an earlier signal inwards my life) that you tin position out a degree, quit learning together amongst coast through life, you lot are likely to be disappointed.

The heed of the prudent acquires noesis, together alongside the ear of the wise seeks knowledge.

Proverbs xviii:fifteen

Do yous actually demand a line of piece of work?

The last couple years have taught me that there are legitimate division-from-domicile jobs out there and other ways to brand money online. After getting laid off a couple years ago I started to step up my efforts to brand money blogging and now I am a total-fourth dimension blogger in addition to couldn’t dearest my piece of work to a greater extent than!

Starting a business isn’t for everyone, but even a small-side business can be a great supplemental income source. Places like Elance and Odesk have thousands of writing positions available if freelance writing is your thing. I wrote a step-by-step guide to starting an Ebay business organisation concern as well as a guide to making money writing articles for Hubpages – both tin john be minor-scale side-businesses that john generate some extra cash if your 24-60 minutes interval task just isn’t cutting it – likewise best of all – they don’t require a college degree!

25 High paying jobs that you tin john acquire without a grade

25 of the hand on-paying jobs that don’t require a four-solar yr grade too their average salaries, based on data from the BLS equally good equally CBSalary.com. It is meaning to authorities notation that some of these jobs DO require some variety of a grade, but non a 4-yr grade. As many continue commented below many of the jobs do require formal grooming of some variety or l-50 a 2-yr plane.

I idea it was peculiarly interesting to meet that Air Traffic Controllers topped the listing at $100K/yr. Who knew? Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 brace of the other interesting jobs were…

  • Funeral Director (nigh $80K)

  • Real estate broker: (almost $58K)

  • Dental hygienist (close $60K)

  • Detective every bit good every bit criminal investigator (virtually $54K)

  • Commercial airplane pilot (nigh $54K)

Click To read the rest of the 25 transcend yesteryear paying jobs without a college grade.

One of the things that struck me a petty was that the writer said at that place were to a greater extent than than fifty million jobs available that pay over $twoscore,000 a yr likewise DON’T require a 4-yr grade! As a college grad who went to college to a greater extent than oftentimes than non hence that I could brand more than $40K/yr I am pretty blown away yesteryear that statistic.

The biggest affair I learned from reading this article is that only similar most things inward life, there are e'er alternate routes. If you lot guide concur the mindset that yous tin exclusively acquire a sound job if you drive a college grade, together with so that is all yous are likely to regain. But if yous desperately agree off for opportunites that don’t require a grade, together with thus you are going to alive a lot to a greater extent likely to stumble upon i.

“So spell a college degree was de rigueur for the Baby Boom generation, that’s not necessarily the lawsuit similar a shot. In today’s highly technical also service-related marketplace, workers are judged to a greater extent on their skills than their sheepskins.”

The truth is that the world is changing – and fast. Finding a job/career like our parents (with security, pensions, etc) just probably isn’t going to happen. The best way we can handle it is to stay up to speed with what is going on in the world around us and get educated. I don’t necessarily mean a college degree, but learning is always going to be beneficial. Whether it is learning how to be a better _______ (insert job here), improve your fourth dimension management skills, or improve your interviewing skills, learning volition ever live beneficial.

By the way, if you are doing a job search, here are some chore sites to aid yous find one. Or if you are looking to work from home, here are some legit companies that testament allow yous to do that.

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