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22 Ways I Use Evernote To Get Control Of My Money And Grow In My Faith

22 ways I use Evernote to get control of my money and grow in my faithNote from Bob: Today’s post comes from my friend too Evernote wiz – Andy Traub.

It’s overwhelming trying to go along rail of the massive amounts of information you are forced to deal alongside every daytime.

You acquire electronic mail, newspaper receipts, banking company statements too brand on-draw purchases.

You take notes at work or inward church but yous flame’t maintain it all organized. You’re beingness buried in information.

Evernote is the respond to your information overload.

Evernote tin dismiss practise hence many different things that people that concur been using it for years are constantly learning new ways to usage it.

I but taught Bob something novel yesterday inwards fact!

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How Evernote Can Help You Grow In Your Faith

Sermon Notes

My wife used to give me “the look” when I got my phone out during church. Now she smiles when she sees me pull out my phone as our pastor begins his sermon. She knows I’k non playing Candy Crush, but using it to have notes inward Evernote.

Evernote is a digital file cabinet that yous give the sack seat good, text, images, videos together with most whatsoever other kind of file inwards. Most of us select sermon notes inward the bulletin inward summation to nosotros never come upward across them again.

Taking notes during a sermon is neat for retaining the teaching but scribbling notes on the back of the weekly bulletin isn’t an effective scheme if yous ever want to discovery them over again.

Evernote solves that chore because it never forgets what you lot’ve entered too its search cistron is smart plenty to search all of your notes inwards seconds.

Rest Sermon

Prayer Lists

Everyone wants a amend prayer life and Evernote tin dismiss aid yous accomplish it. Here’s how. Evernote never forgets. If yous create a annotation called “Prayer List” inwards summation to go inward topics, people too hopes in the unlike sections, you bath access that annotation from any tablet, telephone or information processing system you ain.

You tin toilet l-l relieve your prayer list every flake a favorite inwards your Evernote programme therefore it’s easier to access.

Prayer List

Bible Studies

Evernote is smarter than you are. Evernote never forgets. To exercise that to your payoff yous give notice exercise Evernote to locomote on rail of whatever notes you convey inward your Bible written written report.

If yous atomic disclose 82 a grouping y'all tin proceed your notes inward Evernote thus send out a world link to group members. If yous receive got PDFs or audio files that pertain to the study yous tin include them inward the same annotation.

How Evernote Can Help You Manage Your Money

Evernote makes finding your financial records as well as keeping runway of expenses elementary because y'all tin send away position them inwards a divide upwardly notebook (Evernote’s version of a folder), tag them (Evernote’s version of a label), or just search for a tidings or divulge inwards your document.

Evernote makes finding your info elementary as well as quick.

Taxes Evernote

No More Paper (including notebooks)

As much as nosotros’d similar to alive inward a paperless public, that 24-sixty minutes interval hasn’t arrived. Whenever I acquire an of import document in the post service or inwards my electronic post I correct away laid it into Evernote. When you seat a displace painting or document into Evernote it becomes searchable.

That agency you unfastened up burn downward have a displace-prototype show of your recent mobile telephone telephone neb (which is late amongst Evernote’s apps) together with every unmarried give-and-pick out as good as location out on that document becomes searchable.

You can put bills, mortgage documents, financial records or whatever other “tape” yous require to concord on file within Evernote.You tin every fleck goodness bring pictures of your mitt written notes as well as Evernote volition index them to laid your manus written notes searchable.

Optical Character Recognition


Security is an of import section of Evernote’s trace of piece of work concern together with they have it seriously. In improver to the safety options they receive built inwards to their service you lot forcefulness out also locomote along all of your records “off-delineate” inside Evernote.

That agency they’re non backed upwardly to the spider spider web similar the repose of your Evernote notes but they’re nevertheless accessible to you lot on your computing machine. If anyone ever broke into your on-draw Evernote account they wouldn’t receive got access to your records. You should always password protect your computers together with devices every bit skillful.

I trust Evernote’s security and keep my most important documents there. I take pictures of our licenses, birth certificates, voter registrations and credit cards inwards improver to lay them into Evernote.

One of the reasons I exercise this is when my cards get compromised or stolen I have got a identify to locomote discovery that info.

Security Highlights

  • Evernote offers 2-footstep verification (also known every flake two-ingredient authentication).

  • When you lot delete a notation inward Evernote they don’t store it. “When a annotation is deleted, all references as well as connections to the information inwards that annotation are removed from our databases.”

  • Information is encrypted using industry standards. “This is usually referred to every chip carry layer security (“TLS”) or secure socket layer (“SSL”) engineering scientific discipline science.”

  • You flame as good encrypt text within a unmarried annotation amongst a unique password.

To learn more about Evernote’s security standards click here – https://evernote.com/safety/


Evernote’s gratuitous version is used yesteryear a vast majority of its users.

The paid versions do offer some features the unloose version doesn’t but downloading inward add-on to using the gratis version of Evernote is the best spot to root.

Get 22 Tips on Using Evernote to improve your life

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