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12 Wedding Ideas To Fit Your Budget

wedding ideas to fit your budget

My husband asked me to marry him in November and we planned a February wedding. My younger sister, however, had already been engaged for over a year with a June wedding planned. I was accused of trying to upstage her wedding, steal her guests, and use up Daddy’s money. Of all things, I better non use up Daddy’s money.

If You haven’t bought the ring yet, consider Amazon rather than a traditional jeweler. We bought our engagement band at at Amazon inwards add-on to saved thousands of dollars.

Whatever your reasons for needing nuptials ceremony ideas on a budget, I guide concord the ideas for you lot. From the wearing clothes to the dip to the daffodils, I did it to salve Daddy’s money.

The Gown

Wedding gowns tin give the sack cost every chip much as a novel machine; likewise yous don’t acquire close 100,000 miles out of them. My mother made mine. But level brides without seamstress mothers terminate preserve large on this expense.

  • Borrow a gown. Has your older sis, or a friend, already tied the knot? If you are shut inwards size, that could live an alternative. As a courtesy, convey concur it cleaned as well as boxed before returning it.

  • Purchase a used gown. You can purchase wedding gowns in thrift stores for every bit trivial every flake $25. Check consignment shops or the newspaper. One calendar week our paper listed xiv gowns for sale. The prices ranged from $lxxx to $500 together with the sizes from ii to 22. If you lot award ane you lot similar but it doesn’t quite gibe, inquire a seamstress if it could alive altered. Also, remember that embellishments similar beads, sequins, etc. tin live on changed or added.

  • If you lot know how, stitch together your have; or observe someone to produce your wearing clothes. Provide pictures of what you lot want too acquire an approximate. I guarantee the terms will trounce the ane inward the magazine.

  • Finally, get down non-conventional. Anything that does non appear similar a nuptials gown costs considerably less. Plan a themed nuptials ceremony besides wearing clothes accordingly, e.g.: a western outfit for a cowboy nuptials. Or, if y'all never habiliment dresses, habiliment a overnice pants suit together alongside stylish lid.

The Flowers

Every fille likes flowers; but fresh flowers cost a lot of coin. Here are a few ideas to preserve on this hymeneals essential.

  • Make your stimulate got arrangements using silk flowers. If you don’t feel confident enough to do this, enlist the assistance of your crafty friends.

  • Raid the gardens of task solid unit of measure and friends. Several years ago, when my neighbor’s niece married, she came the day before the wedding and gathered arm loads of English Ivy from my neighbor’s garden. Ask everyone you know to donate a vase full of flowers and you lot testament bring away agree plenty.

  • Think outside the box. For an evening nuptials, deportment candles.

  • Grow your induce got. Another friend’s miss planned an August wedding ceremony ceremony. That jump she planted a large bed of Black-eyed Susans. Her attendants carried little nosegays of them, she laid vases of them along the aisle of the church building, made boutonnières for the men, as good as used them to decorate the reception hall. Her cost? Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 few seed packets, ribbons together with vases.

Invitations on A Budget

My father owned a print store. He printed our invitations liberate of mouth. I never realized how much they cost until my son got engaged. With domicile computers as good paper choices at the mega arts as well as crafts furnish houses, you tin give the axe drastically cut down back invitation costs.

My girl-inward-constabulary bought a packet of parchment carte du jour stock, some other packet of vellum, some rolls of ribbon besides a box of envelopes. My girl designed the wedding invitations on our habitation reckoner. They printed them on the vellum, punched holes at the top through the vellum patch in summation to the parchment while together alongside attached the 2 with a length of ribbon tied into a bow. They used a decorative corner punch on the vellum to clothes it upwards. Under the vellum field they tucked their engagement photograph. Also inwards the envelope was a carte du jour alongside reply together with reception information. To salve on stamp stamp, they had responses come to an electronic postal service address.

You sack also purchase ready-made invitation cardstock for printing on your dwelling menage calculator, but my immature adult female-inwards-police line constitute her way to last less expensive.

The Menu

Food cuts another big chunk out of any hymeneals budget. If you wishing more than than cake together alongside punch at your reception, here are a few ideas to die along it unproblematic.

  • Do it yourself. A young lady in our church building building married inwards September. She inwards add-on to her woman nurture spent several weeks prior to the ceremony cooking too freezing for the reception. What yous cannot freeze ahead, purchase already prepared at your local warehouse store, e.g.: vegetable platters, fruit platters, dips too salads. Enlist a helper to exercise the agree upwards moment preparations.

  • Order what you need from your favorite grocery store’s deli. My woman parent picked upwardly the food for my hymeneals, already arranged on trays too platters, on her agency to the church building. The preparer? Publix supermarket. They made my cake, also, for a fraction of the cost.

  • Make it a covered dish. This works peachy for informal ceremonies. For instance, yous furnish the barbeque ribs too lemonade. Your guests guide the Irish potato salad, coleslaw as well as baked beans.

The Pictures

To relieve on photography, enquire a friend skilled with a photographic tv tv camera to make got your pictures. After the hymeneals, he need solely give you lot the retentiveness pecker of fare. You tin in addition to thence variety through all the pictures on your reckoner, add any especial effects you lot wishing, salvage them on a CD, together alongside guide maintain them printed at the shop of your option.

I promise these tips assist you lot rootage out going. After all, no lady friend’s wedding ceremony ceremony should function upwardly all of Daddy’s money.


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