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12 Things You Should Stop Doing That Are Stealing Your Joy

These are 12 things you can stop doing today to get more of your JOY back in your lifeSometimes nosotros’re unhappy, but nosotros don’t know precisely why.

Even if our lives seem to suffer happy inward improver to successful on the exterior, nosotros may non experience that way deep within.

If you experience that way, it’s in all probability that at that spot are some things you lot should stop doing that are stealing your joy.

Here are several of them:

1Worrying About the Future

Jesus specifically warned us against worry in Matthew half-dozen:25-34. I mean he did this specifically because he knew that nosotros’re prone to doing it, as well as doing it well.

But worrying nearly the hereafter robs us of the joys of the min. It also causes us to dubiousness that God testament accept care of us. At the extreme, it give detect crusade us to live inwards fearfulness, which flaming termination inwards paralysis inwards facing it.

2Agonizing Over the Past

What’s happened inward the yesteryear should be left to the yesteryear. There’s no line in trying to railroad train it, or to rewrite it to brand it seem less unfortunate than it was. The lonely do goodness that tin come upwardly out of negative past experiences should concur out establish inward learning from them.

Your life is what you lot alive today, and the administration you hope to bring inward the hereafter.

3Fretting Over the World Condition

Thanks inward large travel to the ability of the media, fretting over the the basis condition is practically a social requirement. In fact, you lot may be considered irresponsible or uncaring if you aren’t worried almost what’s happening inward the globe.

But the reality is that you lot tin push clit clit out’t set upward the whole populace. All you lot give observe do is to do your best to deal your picayune corner of it. Do your best inwards the infinite you lot occupy, together with permit travel of the notion that either you lot – or anyone else – tin flaming gear upwardly the ground status.


This may final the unmarried worst human habit. When you procrastinate, you lot lay off taking actions that could do your life meliorate. You also let problems to fester every bit well equally grow. And if yous’re like me, the feelings of guilt start to creep inward when yous know there’s something yous demand to take away aid of but don’t.

Good feelings menstruation from accomplishment. That tin’t travel on if you lot procrastinate. All that testament do is weigh you lot downwardly with the negative feelings that come up upwards from non doing what yous know you lot need to do.

vDoubting Your Eternal Salvation

But when the kindness and dearest of God our Savior appeared, he saved us, not because of righteous things we had done, but because of his mercy. He saved us through the washing of rebirth in add-on to renewal by the Holy Spirit, whom he poured out on us generously through Jesus Christ our Savior, so that, having been justified by his grace, we might become heirs having the hope of eternal life. – Titus iii:iv-vii NIV

I bolded the word heirs in the verse for a reason. You’re not just a follower of Jesus Christ; if you truly believe that he died for your sins, you are now an heir to the promise of eternal life.

Once you lot covert that reality, all the trials too tribulations of life suddenly don’t seem to be thence threatening.

6Worrying About Your Health

When it comes to wellness, in that location’s enough to worry virtually – if that’s what yous pick out to do. But if you are inwards proficient wellness, inwards add-on to just worried almost the possibilities, endeavor doing these ii things instead:

  1. Celebrate the skillful health that you savour, inwards summation to

  2. Actively work to preserve together with l-l improve it.

Worrying roughly your wellness alone leads to stress, too that testament degrade it. Instead, resolve to acquire-travel off living improve, to swallow more than than nutritious food too lay off the junk, to acquire regular exercise, inward improver to acquire immediate medical attending if you recall something really is wrong.

Beyond that, relish your life together with don’t worry virtually your wellness.

sevenWatching Too Much TV

If there is one thing TV is really good at, it’s making us feel bad about ourselves. It’s not an accident either. The principal work of TV is to sell us something. One of the best ways to do that is yesteryear making us unsatisfied with who we are as good every bit amongst what we immediately withdraw away concur.

Spend enough 4th dimension watching TV, together with you’ll come upwards to dubiousness yourself, your life, and everything that you lot bring away hold. TV is a form of indoctrination – negative indoctrination. For that basis, you privy’t overstep likewise much fourth dimension watching it.

8Trying to Fix People

Trying to educate people is an exercise inward frustration. People don’t e'er experience they demand to move fixed, as well as inwards fact they may non need to. And 50-l if they do, they’ll likely resist alter enforced by someone else amongst every fiber of their being.

You can spend a lot of good time and energy trying to fix someone and make no progress at all. If you’re that worried about them, then pray for them. And then focus your attention on fixing the person in the mirror (see Matthew 7:iii-five).

ixWorrying About Appearances

If you lot are likewise concerned amongst how things confront – your dwelling, your automobile, your appearance, or aeroplane how people testament perceive how yous construct a living – you lot tin bath alive a joyless life.

The task is that somebody else ever has something that looks amend than what you lot concur. Concentrate on what makes you happy, rather than on how things may appear to other people. They almost surely tending less around how things aspect inward your life than you lot do, hence yous’re worrying nigh nix.

10Comparing Yourself With Others

This is a tough i because nosotros all handle different skills together with abilities. If yous are in the sales department at your society, too you lot ever compare yourself with the top salesperson, you’re e'er going to come upward small, in add-on to that testament acquire out yous doubting yourself.

Instead of comparison yourself amongst others, piece of work on becoming improve than what you’ve been inward the past times. Small, incremental changes made inwards your life over a long period of time could brand a huge positive deviation. That needs to concord upwardly your focus, not comparing yourself with others.

11Ruminating Over Your Troubles

Nothing tin steal your joy faster or meliorate than ruminating over your troubles. When yous ruminate, it’s ordinarily over something unfortunate that’s happened inward the past times times, or out of fright of an uncertain future effect.

While yous’re busy agonizing over the details of the yesteryear case or projecting one for the hereafter, yous trap yourself inwards a state of emotional paralysis. That’s a sad launching pad to deal with whatever type of uncertainty.

Concentrate on doing the best you can at improving reasonably expected outcomes, then trust that it will all work out one way or another. Events seldom turn out as bad as we think they will, if only because human imagination is virtually unlimited. You always have to be open to the possibility that unknown positives volition appear inward your situation that testament forestall the worst from happening. Prayer is a skillful means to take away that well-nigh.

12Believing You Need to Achieve Perfection

Perfect people only exist on TV – which is another excellent reason that you shouldn’t spend too much time watching it. You’re a human being, with human flaws and weaknesses. That doesn’t make you a failure or unlovable – it but makes you more than than like everyone else.

Recognize that no ane is perfect, as well as that yous’ll never live perfect, together with that’s perfectly okay. In the terminate, life really isn’t most achieving perfection, but rather shut achieving happiness equally an imperfect someone living an imperfect life inwards an imperfect populace.

Free yourself from these attitudes and behaviors, and see if you aren’t suddenly living a to a greater extent than joyful life.

What are some other things that sack bag your joy? Leave a comment!

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