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12 Things You Can Learn That Will Make You Better At The Game Of Life

These are 12 simple things that you can learn today to help you become better at the game of LIFE!...We go to school to learn hands-on skills that will enable us to be better at earning a living. But many of the skills that will make you a success in life have little or nothing to do with earning a living. They’re mostly about living your life, interacting with other people, and improving yourself. And sometimes they even help you earn a living. Here are several things you can learn how to do today that will make you better at the game of life....We go to schoolhouse to acquire hands-on skills that will enable us to live improve at earning a living.

But many of the skills that will make you a success inward life have got trivial or null to do alongside earning a living.

They’re by in addition to large almost living your life, interacting amongst other people, inward improver to improving yourself.

And sometimes they 50-l assist you lot earn a living.

Here are several things you lot tin give the axe teach how to do today that will create you improve at the game of life.

1Learn How to Learn

You tin terminate acquire almost anything you lot demand with a uncomplicated Google search. My boy inwards improver to I figured out how to alteration the ignition coils inwards my motorcar precisely from watching a YouTube video. You tin do the same with virtually anything else you lot wish to instruct.

Just Google “how to [create total inwards the blank]?”  You’ll last surprised to regain out that many things are much simpler than yous ever imagined.

This is non only a slap-upwardly way to get the information yous demand, but it’second too an foremost-class way to shop to a greater extent than intelligently, together with to larn novel skills.

2Cook Your Own Meals

Since World War II, the percentage of nutrient that’s prepared within the domicile has been declining steadily inward favor of eatery meals as good as prepared meals from grocery stores. While that may endure incredibly convenient, it’second a real expensive way to alive.

Cooking is a very under-appreciated skill. Not only will mastering it help you to salvage coin on nutrient, but cooking is likewise a cast of personal appear. It’sec a way of adding your personality to a meal, in summation to even to create entirely novel concoctions. We all demand creative outlets, in summation to cooking is a remove chances to do it without leaving habitation.

BONUS: check out Cooked on Netflix for a trivial inspiration.

3Handle a Job Interview or Make a Sales Pitch

I’ve lumped these two together, because they really are the same thing. Or more particularly, handling a task interview is a cast of making a sales pitch where the production is yous.

At some time or other in your life you will need to be a salesperson. Handling a job interview is one common example. You can’t hide behind the I’one thousand non a salesperson tilt every quaternary dimension. Learning how to pitch yourself or some other production, service, or thought testament unfastened your horizons. Failing to cover your inner sales persona toilet only concord yous dorsum. And it’s to a greater extent than ofttimes than non a thing of believing inward yourself together with what it is you’re pitching.

4Manage Your Time Efficiently

We each only agree a limited amount of 4th dimension each 20-four hr catamenia, every bit good equally how we utilization that 4th dimension is ane of the biggest determining factors inwards whether or non we succeed inward what it is that we are doing. Successful people tend to master copy time dominance. Less successful people often openly contend amongst this.

Work on concentrating the most productive time of your day on doing the activities that will be most beneficial to you and to your family, church or organization. This means avoiding the human tendency toward creative avoidance. If you are in sales for lawsuit, the acquire-go, best element of your twenty-4 hours should concord out spent making sales calls. Leave less critical tasks to live handled afterward on inward the recollect solar daytime when your discover energy flat is lower.

And consider if your production doesn’t increment.

Highly Recommended book: Getting Things Done past times David Allen

vTravel Light In Life

Whoever has the most toys wins! That proverb sounds emotionally satisfying in a world driven yesteryear consumerism. But it’sec non a peculiarly efficient way to alive.

Accumulating stuff has a way of weighing downwardly our lives, inward much the same way every bit existence overweight weighs downward our bodies. You only don’t take hold got goal liberty of action when you have got got a pile of textile that needs to be stored, maintained, protected, as well as paid for.

Keep your possessions downward to a good-controlled storey. That testament every scrap well attention yous to bring downward the clutter inward your life that flame likewise impair liberate-thinking.

For more check out this Podcast interview Bob did with Joshua Becker:

half dozenControl Your Excesses

There are a lot of rattling talented people who self-destruct because they tin give the sack’t command their excesses. We tin easily view this amongst people who are addicted to alcohol together with narcotics. But less obvious is people who are addicted to nutrient, social validation, being work of the crowd, or existence on the social cutting border.

It’second not ever enough to agree out adept at what you lot do – you lot every bit well have to be proficient at avoiding behaviors inwards improver to activities that testament tedious yous downwardly.

7Avoid Debt

Avoiding debt applies to both traveling light in life and controlling your excesses. This is because it can weigh you down, and reach an excess level that destroys you financially. For these reasons, avoiding debt may be appropriately termed a life survival science.

As a rule, the less debt you receive, the ameliorate your life testament hold upwardly. Less debt means to a greater extent options, together with to a greater extent than than mental clarity.

Avoiding it is a science every bit much every chip anything else.

8Live Beneath Your Means

You can avoid most financial problems in life just by learning to alive beneath your agency. If yous tin give notice, you’ll e'er have got extra money available. That will non only tending yous to accumulate savings – that give notice deed every scrap a cushion against the uncertainties of life – but it besides helps to hold you out of debt. After all, if you’re living within your way in that location’second no demand to borrow. And if you take away take hold savings, you lot’ll ever have a source of money to go to without having to go into debt.

Living beneath your means also gives you the flexibility that you need to make major changes in life. For example, it frees you up to take a lower paying job or to starting fourth dimension a occupation concern if that’s what yous pick out to do. If yous are living at or higher upwards your current income grade, taking a lower paying position may be impossible.

Living beneath your means also provides you with the ability to become a long-term saver. That means that you will have money available to invest for a to a greater extent prosperous futurity.


There’ll e'er suffer a demand for effective negotiating. Many people discovery negotiating distasteful or l-fifty intimidating, inwards improver to for that ground they ofttimes concede victory to the other political party without a combat. But negotiating is to a greater extent than than a thing of protecting your interests than some cast of hard knocks science.

Whether y'all are involved inward getting a novel job, buying a motorcar, buying a domicile, or settling a dispute alongside some other someone, yous’ll need to take hold got some airplane of negotiating skills. The ameliorate that you are at it, the improve your life will go.

10Speak Less, Listen More

This is a existent talent that not many people have got got. When yous listen, y'all acquire. And ane of the things yous acquire is what other people are thinking, together with that tin mail away create dealing amongst them much easier.

But the key to listening to a greater extent is learning to speak less. It’sec only not possible to psyche when you lot’re the i doing the talking. Listening makes you lot more than than empathetic, together with tends to disarm other people. When you lot introduce that you are prepared to caput to another someone’sec seat, the defenses go down too you accept away concur an easier 4th dimension making your call for.

That can lead to better relationships with other people, as well as more favorable business organisation organisation transactions. It’sec a science skilful worth mastering.

xiExpress Yourself With Confidence

Have you ever noticed how some people command observe when they speak? Part of this is the mechanics of your spoken communication – they merely look to withdraw hold superior verbal skills. But it’second in all likelihood true that to a greater extent of it comes from emotional factors, similar the confidence they undertaking when they speak.

None of us are knowledgeable inwards all areas, too so it’s perfectly okay to permit others know that you aren’t an skillful. But when yous are knowledgeable, it’sec significant that you lot limited your positions with confidence. That confidence is the help getter, equally good as the primary basis why people honor your view, 50-fifty if they don’t concord with yous. Knowledge is everywhere (too easily obtained on the Internet), but it’s the powerfulness to projection that noesis that wins people over.

If yous’ve never had much confidence when it comes to expressing yourself, have got got pocket-size steps. Try being to a greater extent confident where you are most knowledgeable. Over fourth dimension, every bit you lot increase your noesis base, you may observe yourself becoming to a greater extent confident overall.

12Believe inwards Yourself

Nearly every other skill or exercise on this listing is more than than doable when yous believe inwards yourself. This isn’t skillful-close existence arrogant, but rather having a repose confidence inwards who yous are in add-on to what you lot’re doing.

Other people strength out normally sense whether or not y'all believe inward yourself. If they sense that you lot do, you lot’ll earn their observe and ofttimes their assist inwards improver to back up. But if it’sec apparent that you don’t believe inwards yourself, you tin give the sack easily goal upward being ignored or 50-l becoming a victim.

This isn’t a computer programme to acquire the leader of the pack inwards all that you lot do, but rather to approach everything inwards your life with the repose confidence that y'all tin have away agree what it is yous’re trying to do.

Master some of these skills in add-on to behaviors, and yous’ll likely notice that you’ll go meliorate inward all areas of the game of life.

What are some things you’ve learned inward life that made y'all a amend individual? Leave a comment!

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