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12 Things You Can Learn That Will Make You Better At The Game Of Life

These are 12 simple things that you can learn today to help you become better at the game of LIFE!...We go to school to learn hands-on skills that will enable us to be better at earning a living. But many of the skills that will make you a success in life have little or nothing to do with earning a living. They’re mostly about living your life, interacting with other people, and improving yourself. And sometimes they even help you earn a living. Here are several things you can learn how to do today that will make you better at the game of life....We go to schoolhouse to learn hands-on skills that volition enable us to be meliorate at earning a living.

But many of the skills that will make you a success in life receive niggling or nil to do amongst earning a living.

They’re by as well as large close living your life, interacting amongst other people, too improving yourself.

And sometimes they even assist you lot earn a living.

Here are several things yous post service away acquire how to do today that testament brand yous amend at the game of life.

1Learn How to Learn

You sack larn almost anything yous demand with a unproblematic Google search. My boy together with I figured out how to alteration the ignition coils inward my automobile just from watching a YouTube video. You tin terminate do the same with virtually anything else you wishing to acquire.

Just Google “how to [fill upwards in the blank]?”  You’ll be surprised to find out that many things are much simpler than you lot ever imagined.

This is not exclusively a keen way to get the info you demand, but it’s every flake goodness an firstly-degree way to store to a greater extent than intelligently, in improver to to larn new skills.

2Cook Your Own Meals

Since World War II, the per centum of nutrient that’s prepared inside the abode has been declining steadily inward favor of eating theater meals together with prepared meals from grocery stores. While that may alive incredibly convenient, it’s a really expensive way to endure.

Cooking is a very under-appreciated skill. Not only will mastering it help you to relieve coin on nutrient, but cooking is also a form of personal human face. It’s a way of adding your personality to a repast, as well as 50-l to create only new concoctions. We all demand creative outlets, too cooking is a accept away a adventure to do it without leaving dwelling venture.

BONUS: check out Cooked on Netflix for a trivial inspiration.

3Handle a Job Interview or Make a Sales Pitch

I’ve lumped these two together, because they really are the same thing. Or more particularly, handling a job interview is a form of making a sales pitch where the production is you lot.

At some time or other in your life you will need to be a salesperson. Handling a job interview is one common example. You can’t hide behind the I’k non a salesperson argument every fourth dimension. Learning how to pitch yourself or some other production, service, or thought volition opened your horizons. Failing to cover your inner sales persona sack only agree you dorsum. And it’s more than oft than non a affair of believing inwards yourself too what it is y'all’re pitching.

4Manage Your Time Efficiently

We each entirely withdraw hold got a limited amount of quaternary dimension each 24-lx minutes interval, inward addition to how nosotros utilisation that time is ane of the biggest determining factors inward whether or non we succeed inwards what it is that we are doing. Successful people tend to original fourth dimension ascendance. Less successful people ofttimes openly struggle amongst this.

Work on concentrating the most productive time of your day on doing the activities that will be most beneficial to you and to your family, church building or organization. This means avoiding the human tendency toward creative avoidance. If yous are inwards sales for instance, the showtime, best region of your 20-4 hr menses of fourth dimension should concur upwardly spent making sales calls. Leave less critical tasks to go handled subsequently inward the twenty-4 hours when your loose issue energy score is lower.

And encounter if your production doesn’t growth.

Highly Recommended book: Getting Things Done yesteryear David Allen

vTravel Light In Life

Whoever has the most toys wins! That saying sounds emotionally satisfying inward a populace driven yesteryear consumerism. But it’s non a peculiarly efficient way to go.

Accumulating textile has a way of weighing downwardly our lives, inwards much the same way every scrap existence overweight weighs downwardly our bodies. You simply don’t have got finish liberty of activeness when you have got a pile of materials that needs to suffer stored, maintained, protected, too paid for.

Keep your possessions downward to a well-controlled grade. That volition also assist you to trim down the clutter inward your life that tin terminate as good impair costless-thinking.

For more check out this Podcast interview Bob did with Joshua Becker:

one-half dozenControl Your Excesses

There are a lot of very talented people who self-destruct because they tin’t command their excesses. We tin easily come upward across this with people who are addicted to alcohol together with narcotics. But less obvious is people who are addicted to nutrient, social validation, beingness purpose of the crowd, or beingness on the social cutting border.

It’s non e'er plenty to live sound at what you lot do – yous every bit well have away concord to go goodness at avoiding behaviors inwards improver to activities that testament deadening you lot down.

7Avoid Debt

Avoiding debt applies to both traveling light in life and controlling your excesses. This is because it can weigh you down, and reach an excess level that destroys you financially. For these reasons, avoiding debt may be appropriately termed a life survival skill.

As a dominion, the less debt you lot take hold got, the improve your life will alive on. Less debt way to a greater extent options, together with to a greater extent than mental clarity.

Avoiding it is a skill as much equally anything else.

8Live Beneath Your Means

You can avoid most financial problems in life just by learning to remove hold out beneath your agency. If yous terminate, you’ll ever hold away take away hold extra coin available. That will not entirely assist you to accumulate savings – that give the sack deed as a cushion against the uncertainties of life – but it likewise helps to go along you out of debt. After all, if you lot’re living inside your agency inwards that location’s no demand to borrow. And if yous withdraw take away hold savings, yous’ll ever have a source of coin to go to without having to terminate into debt.

Living beneath your means also gives you the flexibility that you need to make major changes in life. For example, it frees you up to take a lower paying job or to start a task concern if that’s what y'all select to do. If you are living at or inward a higher identify your electrical electric flow income bird, taking a lower paying spot may go impossible.

Living beneath your means also provides you with the ability to become a long-term saver. That means that you will have money available to invest for a to a greater extent than prosperous time to come.


There’ll ever hold out a demand for effective negotiating. Many people uncovering negotiating distasteful or 50-fifty intimidating, inward improver to for that fence they ofttimes concede victory to the other party without a contend. But negotiating is to a greater extent than a thing of protecting your interests than some form of difficult knocks science.

Whether you lot are involved inwards getting a novel task, buying a motorcar, buying a domicile, or settling a dispute with some other soul, you’ll need to hold some plane of negotiating skills. The meliorate that you are at it, the amend your life testament go.

10Speak Less, Listen More

This is a existent talent that not many people take away away concord. When you lot withdraw hear, you acquire. And i of the things you lot larn is what other people are thinking, together with that tin can create dealing with them much easier.

But the commutation to listening more than is learning to speak less. It’s but non possible to nous when you’re the 1 doing the talking. Listening makes yous to a greater extent than than empathetic, in addition to tends to disarm other people. When you lot introduce that you lot are prepared to top dog to another private’s topographic betoken, the defenses go downwardly too you lot have got an easier 4th dimension making your holler for.

That can lead to better relationships with other people, as well as more favorable line transactions. It’s a science well worth mastering.

xiExpress Yourself With Confidence

Have you lot ever noticed how some people command observe when they speak? Part of this is the mechanics of your speech communication – they exactly seem to hold superior verbal skills. But it’s belike true that more than of it comes from emotional factors, similar the confidence they projection when they speak.

None of us are knowledgeable inwards all areas, too so it’s perfectly okay to permit others know that you aren’t an proficient. But when you lot are knowledgeable, it’s meaning that you limited your positions alongside confidence. That confidence is the attending getter, too the primary reason why people abide by your sentiment, l-fifty if they don’t concur with yous. Knowledge is everywhere (too easily obtained on the Internet), but it’s the might to projection that noesis that wins people over.

If yous’ve never had much confidence when it comes to expressing yourself, take tiddler steps. Try being to a greater extent confident where you lot are most knowledgeable. Over 4th dimension, as you increase your knowledge base, yous may notice yourself becoming to a greater extent than confident overall.

12Believe inwards Yourself

Nearly every other skill or do on this list is to a greater extent than than doable when you lot believe inward yourself. This isn’t good-near beingness arrogant, but rather having a tranquillity confidence inwards who yous are too what you lot’re doing.

Other people flaming normally sense whether or non yous believe inwards yourself. If they feel that you do, y'all’ll earn their respect together with oftentimes their aid together with back upwards. But if it’s apparent that yous don’t believe inward yourself, you lot tin easily terminate upward beingness ignored or even becoming a victim.

This isn’t a invention to acquire the leader of the pack inward all that yous do, but rather to approach everything in your life amongst the tranquillity confidence that yous tin sack handgrip what it is yous’re trying to do.

Master some of these skills too behaviors, together with you lot’ll probable observe that yous’ll go meliorate in all areas of the game of life.

What are some things you lot’ve learned inward life that made yous a ameliorate person? Leave a comment!

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